Several years back, I sat and listened to Angela discuss online tutoring during a conference we were collaborating on about various ways to expand your tutoring business.  Angela Culley has a warm way about her and I can remember the sentence clearly, “One of the things I like most about online tutoring is that I can be business on the top and party on the bottom.”  It was difficult not to laugh too hard (thankfully my mic was muted during the conference) as I imagined her in a nice top.  I chuckled at the thought that she had a swimsuit on the bottom because she had plans to be poolside that day. That's when I knew Angela and I would become fast friends. That is one of my favorite perks of online tutoring:

Casual Dress is Welcome During Sessions

Now don't get me wrong, I do love to dress nice when I go out but being able to work in my yoga pants is a real pull for me on my level of happiness.  Can you relate?  Dressing like this fits well into my life as a busy mom of three boys.  Many of my days begin in yoga pants as I rush them out the door and settle into work, which leads me to my next favorite perk…

Setting Your Own Work Schedule

Online tutoring allows me to maximize my working hours for when I am at my best.  There have been many afternoons and evenings where my brain is more fried than my students and math is just pitiful for both of us.  Tutoring during the day time hours when I am most alert turns out to be exactly what I need to be most effective. Turns out that I make less mistakes when I work at my optimal times.  Online tutoring also allows me to take on less risk, which is always a good thing!

Limited Risk

No more worrying about a client getting hurt while in your care or fretting about a child slipping on your sidewalk as they come to the door.  Online tutoring eliminates those issues and allows you to still effectively teach your student.  You can be more effective because your location is more likely to be less distracting!

No More Worrying About Location and Distractions

How many hours do you spend in the car driving to your students homes or the library?  What about the noise level that can and does increase at public locations?  Online tutoring can help decrease environmental distractions and increase your effectiveness.

Is online tutoring the right move for you?

It's an emotional decision for most of us.  Which Tech Emoji fits you best?

Online tutor quiz

If you are having more reservations about online tutoring, check out our series of short videos below about online tutoring.  You'll hear from both Angela and I as we talk about tech issues, making clients feel safe, organizing yourself for the online session, and more.



The Online Tutor System is open for enrollment for the spring 2016 class.  We have just a few spots left.  Will you be joining us?  Enroll in the Online Tutor System Here.



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