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There are over 175,000+ education businesses in North America. Take a moment to let that sink in. That is A LOT of competitors. And while many of them may not be in your particular niche or have quite as strong a reputation as you do, technology is bringing more and more of them into your marketplace every day.

So how do you set yourself apart? How do you ensure that a prospective client picks your tutoring services over those of your competitors? Now are you really obsessed with the thought of doubling your tutoring clients and desperate to gather knowledge about how to gain more students and earn more?

Well, no worries! From my own personal experience I’m here to help you with 5 easy steps to increase the competitive advantages of your tutoring service and win new business.

1.  Tutor online. This can allow you to increase a great number of clients from the comfort of your own home and because of this you can save your valuable time without traveling to meet with clients. Thus internet can be very effective in terms of doubling tutoring clients.

2.   Improve your SEO which can incredibly help you gain a lots of students. We are in the age of internet and there are so many students that prefer searching tutoring services online. That’s why improving SEO will help you a lot. SEO simply means making it easier for people to find your business via search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are so many ways to increase SEO. Creating a blog page on your website and regularly filling it with content that is relevant to your students is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your SEO. Other methods include creating strong social media presences, linking to other educational websites and regularly adding client testimonials. There are also tons of businesses out there that will optimize your website's SEO for you if you'd prefer to outsource it to professionals.

On the contrary, you can start printing and distributing fliers or it will be best if you take out an ad in the school’s newspaper. Another best way to promote your tutoring business would be posting tab-fliers in high traffic locations such as the student centers, cafeterias, lounges, and sport centers. Ensure to apparently include the subjects you are willing to tutor, also your phone number, and email address, in addition to your name. Try coming up with a memorable name so that nobody can easily forget your name.

3.  Try to make contact with the local schools to utilize the opportunity of teaching some the students of the schools. Teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators are always in quest of someone to help improve their struggling students’ talent and hence if you can tutor some of the students from local schools then it can easily double your clients. Considering many different perspective, you’re more likely to gain more and more clients if you can manage to tutor some school students like this.

 4.  Never set your tutoring fees off hand. Do a good research on all the local tutoring fees to determine the difference between the local and your fees and set a fee that can’t be too high or too less but whatever the price is, the price should be according to the quality of the tutoring service you offer. Bear in mind that lack of proper pricing may result in your current clients decrease. So be fair with the price you are willing to take.

Offer some discounts to the people who bring in new clients for you. The word of mouth can be the best form of advertisement here. Keep encouraging your clients to advertise for you by recommending you to their relatives, friends and classmates by offering a discount for every new client that you get because of their recommendation.

5.  Make sure you’re offering a good quality teaching service and maintaining a very amiable relation with your students. If you’re looking to boost the revenues of your tutoring business and beat out your competitors, it's time to get creative and try something new. You need to offer something exceptional, something very interesting that can impress your student and can make them more and more interested in your teaching services. As usual, as a teacher the more you will be able to fascinate the whole classroom by doing various interesting informative activities the more reputation you are likely to gain in public as your students can delightfully start spreading praiseworthy words about you all around. Thus your impressive teaching style can automatically compel them bringing in more clients for you.

Do you have a tip for growing your clientele?  Share it in the comments!


victoriaVictoria Olubi is a private tutor, author and tutoring coach from London. She is also the founder of – a tutoring service that provides private tutoring and coaching to children who are preparing for national school entrance exams. For more information and to get free advice on how to build your tutoring business, subscribe to her newsletter here.

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