Have you been looking for an alternative to Wyzant? What's the one complaint you've heard about Wyzant? I know that many of you get frustrated that they take such a large percentage of your tutor hourly rate each time you find a student, however their system works. Many tutors have success finding a student with this site.

A Listing Site with a Different Solution

A few months ago, the owner of Owl Tutors emailed me to share his tutor listing website. My first question was, “How are you different?” Followed by, “What are you doing to actively help tutors find students?” I didn't want to waste anyone's time by sharing a listing site that doesn't have a clear plan or know how to yield results. We decided to have a video chat to talk more about how the site serves both students and teachers in a different way. I have to say at the end of our conversation, I was blown away!

Owl Tutors doesn't take a percentage every time you tutor. They have a job listing board where you can claim students which means you have a one time fee and then every time you tutor this student, you keep the full amount that you charge. The other really interesting feature they offer is an app with scheduling that syncs to their website helping you to run your business smoothly. On top of that, they have a library of tutor training videos as well to help tutors excel in business. There are a tons of features that I could go on and on about.

I have to say one thing that totally shocked me was that at the end of our video chat, a secretary came into the background to alert Neil that his student was there for their appointment. What??! I was floored that on top of running this tutor listing site (a very busy endeavor) he still takes the time to tutor himself. He gets it tutors! Neil is a tutor and admitted that he's been encouraged to quit, but loves it too much to do so. I could totally relate.  How about you?

Setting Up a Profile

After speaking with Neil, I decided to set up an account and check it out for myself. I was very impressed with how quickly I could set it up. Each tutor has a background check done and a phone screening interview. They were prompt to set it up and again, I was floored that Neil called me to conduct the interview. He said that wasn't uncommon and he enjoyed calling tutors to talk to them and made sure to take his turn.

Feel free to check out my profile over at Owl Tutors.

Working for You

Owl Tutors is showing up all over the place. Before I got this post written, tutors were asking me if I had any experience with Owl Tutors because they were starting to see their ads on social media and on internet searches. The team at Owl Tutors is actively trying to bring more students and tutors to the site for a far stretching reach. Learn more about how the process works by watching the video below.

Give Owl Tutors a Try

Neil wanted to give readers of The Tutor House an exclusive deal when they sign up for access to Owl Tutors. You can get a robust scheduling system (complete with app), student leads, training, and so much more for just $9.95 a month (usually $14.95). They also marked down their fast responder feature to just $2.95 for Tutor House peeps. But, don't take my word for it. Head over to the pricing and feature page to learn more. Do the math and make the decision if this listing site is for you. Try it out and if you don't like it, Neil assured me you can cancel.

Use this promo code to get the deal: OWLTH9

What method do you use to find students? Are you looking for other listing sites like Owl Tutors? You can find them here.

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