About Adrianne Meldrum

You've been thinking about taking the plunge with tutoring.  Excitement bubbles inside of you as you think about teaching students in a way that is best for them.  You know you've got the skills to teach students, but this business stuff?  That's another story.

You may be thinking, “Can't I just do my best tutoring and the rest will fall magically into place?”  But you know better than that.  You realize that there are skills to be learned here.

 But running a tutor business is intimidating, right?  And time consuming?

If you’re anything like me when I began tutoring, you:

  • Constantly rescheduled tutor sessions.
  • Worry that you’ll lose students by putting expectations into place.
  • Fret about money coming in spurts.
  • Struggle to find time to get the business side of tutoring done
  • Thumb through piles of papers to find one contact phone number.
  • Feel like you're not running a “real” business some days.
  • Wonder if clients take your services seriously.

The good news? It doesn't have to be this way.  

I'm Adrianne Meldrum and I work with tutors just like you.  My goal is to help you navigate the business side of tutoring with tools like the Profitable Tutor Framework.  Whether you are just tutoring for a side income or dream of tutoring becoming your sole income, I've got you covered.

“I decided to read Adrianne's eBook, The Novice Tutor.  This book is BY FAR the most complete book on starting your tutoring business. She covers every aspect, and gives real life examples from a range of tutoring businesses. I can't emphasize enough how reading about different current businesses helps a new tutor understand the range of the business!  I don't consider myself a novice tutor, but even I learned new techniques.”

Marna Martenny

Owner of Kirkland Mastery Math

While others give you generic business information and tools to use, I strive to tailor not only free resources but all of my tools to meet your needs.  

With my support and tools, you’ll be able to take a student with confidence.  Plus find ways to grow and expand your tutor business, and get the support you're seeking.  I'm not just a generic coach, but a tutor coach who's been in the trenches with you.

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Guest Authors

From time to time, you'll hear from other amazing tutors.  Our regular contributors are Angela and Rachel.  Both offer tremendous value as tutors with varying experience as tutors.  Be sure to read their posts and glean from their awesomeness.

Angela Culley is a guest author of The Tutor Coach

Angela Culley

Angela is the owner of Math Ninja LLC.  She is our resident online tutoring expert.  Angela is also the co-creator of the Online Tutor System, a group coaching program offered here on the website.  Make sure to check out all the interesting things she is doing with her tutor business.

Read Angela's Posts Here

Rachel Kent is the owner of Rachel K Tutoring

Rachel Kent

Rachel is one of our math tutor experts.  She tutors elementary math and blogs over at her website Rachel K Tutoring.  She's known for integrating technology with all of her lessons.  Rachel shares helpful posts so you can plan quicker.

Read Rachel's posts here.

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