Finding Balance

Welcome to the first edition of Ask the Tutor!  Cara Schelling sent in this great question about finding balance between family life and tutoring – something I am always working on myself.

You may have noticed that there is a podcast option right below!  Yes, I just recently decided to jump into podcasting so you can listen to Ask the Tutor on-the-go.  Give it a try!

Podcast – Balancing Family & Tutoring

Video – Balancing Family & Tutoring

Here are some of the references made during the video:

Balancing Tutoring with Family Time

Stagger Sessions

Seth Godin:  Forgive Yourself

I also should have mentioned a few other links in the video and failed to do so!  One of the items I recommended to Cara is to look for opportunities to tutor or teach during day time hours.  Three examples I gave was online tutoring, homeschool co-ops, and working with parks and red departments to offer classes.  If you would like more ideas on how to do these different ideas, be sure to check out Think Bright!  Semi-Annual Tutoring Online Conference.  It's an on-demand conference which means you can watch it at any time.

How have you balanced your family life with tutoring?  Please leave a comment and share with us!  

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