Hey all!  Today marks a new direction that I am taking Ask the Tutor.  I decided that shooting a video each week was going to be the death of me!  It is so much work.  I decided to give podcasting a try.  Getting it set up was more tricky than I wanted it to be, but I am pleased with the results.Jen

Ask the Tutor Podcast

You may be wondering what a podcast is.  Quite simply, a podcast is an audio show that is posted on a blog.  This allows readers to download and listen on-the-go on mobile devices using media players like iTunes.  Below the player here, you could click on “download” and be able to take me with you on your next walk or while you are doing dishes.

Tips to Avoid Going Over Time

Today's podcast is short and sweet!  A perfect way for you to get your feet wet with the idea of listening to audio.  Jen Drummond submitted a question about going over her tutor session times.  I've been there before!  Listen to my recommendations below.

Show Notes:

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