Connecting with Other Tutors in Your Area

Have you ever wanted to meet up with other tutors in your area?  You're not alone!  Our Ask the Tutor question comes from Nuwan, “I am a new tutor starting a career in Math and Physics tutoring in California.  Do you have any tips or ideas on how to connect with other tutors in my area?”

I love this question and have been contemplating throwing my own tutor meetup so I can personally meet other tutors in my area.  I would love to be able to give personal recommendations to families when I am full or have reacheNetworking with Tutorsd a limit with my tutoring.  Here are a few of the ideas I discuss for finding other tutors to network with:

Tutor Event in LA

 I also shared what I would hope for in an event if I was to go:

1.  A safe location

2.  Information found online and via flyers where tutors are found (via libraries, coffee houses)

3.  Door prizes

4.  A table with brochures, flyers, and business cards of other tutors in the room

5.  Games to help me connect with other tutors (I have, who has) add directions here?

6.  A way to connect with event organizer via email

Resources mentioned in podcast:

Overcoming Dyslexia (amazon link)

The Novice Tutor:  Answers to Your Questions About Running a Successful Tutor Business

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