Is educational therapy for you?

Instead of answering one of your questions on the podcast, today I am going to pose this one to you, “Is educational therapy for you?”  A few months back, Anne-Marie Morey of Bay Tree Blog reached out to me and asked if she could write a guest post for The Tutor House.  She wrote the epic post, 6 Ways to Teach Distracted and Disorganized Students.  I've seen many teachers and tutors talking about her idea of monkey thoughts.  It's a good one!

Educational Therapists are in High Demand

Anne-Marie opened my eyes to a term I had never even heard of, Educational Therapy.  After meeting Anne-Marie, I've found myself on this exploration path to see if educational therapy is the right step for me.  After doing some research on my own, I wanted to talk to Anne-Marie more about it and figured you would enjoy listening in as well.  One thing is for sure, educational therapists are in high demand and there are so many ways to specialize within the field!  Tune in and be sure to check out more from Anne-Marie down below.Is_educational_therapy_for_you

Items discussed during the show:

AET Online

Bay Tree Blog

Exceptional Educator Podcast

6 Ways to Teach Distracted and Disorganized Students

UC Riverside Educational Therapy Program

The Novice Tutor eBook

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