Last year, I stumbled upon the blog This Reading Mama.  Becky is a reading expert and shares all kinds of goodies on her blog about emergent readers, struggling readers, sight words, handwriting…you really ought to follow her!  She is amazing.  I learn a lot of things from her.  My most favorite and interesting fact is that Becky at one time was a reading tutor!  You'll find helpful tips on her tutor page too.

She contacted me recently to review her latest book called, “Reading the Alphabet”.  I was excited to flip through the pages and see what goodies she has put together.

One feature that I love with this book is that you can use it with beginner readers and those who are just plain old struggling.  As a tutor, I've found it hard to find comprehensive reading resources.  This book hits it right on the head.  Becky set up the lessons in sequence with detailed instructions on how to use her mini books and games.  It covers basic initial consonant sounds and builds upon itself.  She includes sight words in the lessons too.

For each letter in the alphabet, Becky has crafted mini books and games.  I am excited that I now have a large library of mini books that I can print, read with my students, and then send it home with them.

Just like Becky, I like working with syllables to help my students chunk out a word.  In this game, you say the word slowly and the student counts how many syllables they hear.  When my students are working with syllables, I have them place their hand under their chin and count how many times their jaw goes down when they say the word.

There are a wide variety of games included like word sorts, word searches, color by sight word, cut and paste a rhyme.  In a tutor lesson, you could easily complete one entire lesson with your student and still have time to model reading with your student.

If you're interested in getting your own copy of Reading the Alphabet by Becky Spence, head on over to her blog.  Download a free sample too!  Plan for a little time though, because you could spend hours looking at all her great ideas!

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