Do you remember a time back before the internet made its debut?  Those not-so-long-ago days of giant floppy disks and green and black screens?  Old tech is still pretty new.

Technology has advanced so quickly and the truth is, so can you with the right support.

Claudia Harrington is a self-proclaimed non-techy person.  She knows how to do the basics as she's adapted to technology over the years while teaching in the classroom.  This year, she decided to retire and make tutoring a second career for herself.

Let's hear more about her story of transformation from a non-techy person to becoming an online tutor.

“Before I joined the Online Tutor System, I was floundering around trying to figure out how to get my tutor business up and going.  I did not want to tutor out of my house but was not sure about tutoring in a client’s home either.  Online tutoring came to mind, but I thought you had to be a technology whiz in order to be an online tutor.  The Online Tutor System provided me the skills and practice I needed to navigate online tutoring.”

Claudia Harrington

When I first met Claudia, we had a good laugh about the technology she used in her college years.  She was worried that she didn't have the tech skills needed to be successful with online tutoring.  During the program, I had the opportunity to work with Claudia one day when her partner could not practice, and I was so impressed with her perseverance as she worked through navigating Google Hangouts along with it's various apps.  She taught me some cool tricks and engaged me with a You Tube video she had found on the internet.

I believe that the key to my transformation was the practice.  All the written and video materials inside of the Online Tutor System are fantastic; but it takes practicing the different platforms to learn, get comfortable, and determine which one is right for your tutoring needs.  If you practice, by the end of the class you will know what platform(s) you want to use with your business.”  

There were times that Claudia wasn't sure that students could really learn in this online environment.  As a classroom teacher, she knew how important it was to use your hands and be active in the work.  As she worked through the Online Tutor System, we saw her find equivalents for her teaching methods in an online environment.

After tutoring a student online, I learned that the student was able to learn the concepts and were just as engaged as if they were sitting next to me.  I had no idea there were so many platforms that are available to use for online tutoring.”

Claudia took her practice seriously and found that she can rest easy knowing that her plans to tutor during her retirement will prove fruitful.  She shared with us that one part of the Online Tutor System she enjoyed most was the ability to work at her own pace.  In her home state, she had more hoops to jump through to establish her business.  Now that she's got everything taken care of on the legal side, she can more forward with completing all of the modules to help her continue building her online presence.

“After completing the Online Tutor System, I am slowly working on getting my business running.  My next steps will be to create my website and start marketing my business.  With the Online Tutor System at my disposal, I can move forward with confidence.  

Taking the Online Tutoring System was the best thing I could have done for my business.”

How can you make the transformation from non-techy to tech savvy?

1. Practice

Just like you know your students won't make much progress if they don't practice the skills you are teaching them, you know that you've got to practice.  Find a friend or family member to try online tutoring with.  Many online tutoring platforms have free trials so that you can try the software without any charge.  Start with Twiddla or GoBoard.  Both are simple to use and require little to no prep.  In the Online Tutor System, partners are assigned to you so you can get the practice you need.  Many of our members have become fast friends.

2. Join a Community

The internet can feel like such a big place, but being part of a community helps close the gap when you are learning technology.  Find other online tutor communities or online business communities and join one.  Ask for help in starting your journey.  Members in the Online Tutor System are part of a community for life.  When you join, you'll always have access to tutors just like you and many that are further down the road than you which can be tremendously helpful.  We share new tools and student leads with each other.

3.  Google Your Brains Out

Okay.  I realize that seems like a simple solution, but its true!  Many of the skills I've learned as an online tutor business owner have been discovered through a website search.  I've been there in those moments when I just want someone to spell it out, but digging around the internet to discover tech skills is actually good for you.  Search for tutorials on various aspects of online business such as to start a website, how to pick a domain name, what is a domain name (lol), and other questions you don't know the answer to.

Now if the thought of all the searching drives you bananas, you can also just join the Online Tutor System and have a lot of that done for you.  We share the best tools and platforms for teaching online.  We keep up to date and alter our program to reflect the latest changes in technology.

We are so thrilled with the results Claudia is having with the Online Tutor System.  She was committed to partner practice and she stuck with it when the tech issues got frustrating.  If you'd like help like Claudia received in getting your tutoring online, we hope you'll join us for the spring Online Tutor System.  Enrollment is open now.  The last day to reserve your spot is on February 21, 2016.

Enroll in the Online Tutor System Here.


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