CoughandSneezeI will never forget my first year of teaching.  After being quite healthy for such a long period of time,  nothing could have prepared me for that first year of colds and stomach viruses.  Take a moment and imagine if you will, I was teaching in an autism preschool.  I came home all winter long with boogies wiped on my sleeve and pants…and no–they were not mine!

Illustrate the Need to Cover Coughs & Sneezes

A super long time ago, I made a spray bottle with a face attached to it so that it would look like a kid was sneezing on someone when I pulled the trigger.  It was simple to make and lots of fun!  I had forgotten all about it until the other day in the church nursery.  I was playing with a delightful three year old.  We were making silly faces at each other…my mouth was wide open…and then it happened–she sneezed right into my mouth!  The spray bottle idea came rushing back to my memory and I thought I would share this idea with you!

Make your own spray bottle “Sneezy”


  • Large picture of a child (5 x 7) or an enlarged clip art of a child (laminated)
  • spray bottle
  • Exact-o knife
  • Tissues
  • Tape


If you use a real life picture, try to get someone making a really silly sneeze face.  Cute faces are acceptable too!  Print the picture and laminate.  Over the nose of the picture, lightly draw a square and mark the diagonals.  The diagonals need to be the same length as the diameter of the back end spray nozzle.  Do you best and just cut a little of the diagonals at a time.  Push the spray nozzle through the diagonal cuttings and adjust the length so that the spray nozzle is snug with the picture.  Add a little tape on the back to secure it to the nozzle.  Now you've got your own Sneezy!  This same method can be applied for a face with the sprayer attached to the mouth.  (please note:  the little girl in the picture came from Kari Bolt Designs on TpT)


Story and Lesson Time (hehe…)

Sneezy caught a cold and came to school.  As she walked in the door, she greeted Mrs._________.  “Ahhh–choo!  Morning,”she said.  (Spray the class)

Sneezy sat down for story time next to ______________ (a student in class).  “Ahhh…ahhh–choo!” (spray a student)

Sneezy went out for recess.  She loved to play on the swings!  The wind tickled her nose, “Ahhh…ahhh…choo!”  (spray the sneeze in an arch over the class)

Mrs.____________ saw Sneezy's bright red nose on the way in from recess.  Mrs.__________________ taught the class about how important it is to cover our coughs and sneezes by using a tissue or an arm to cover them.  Sneezy tried using a tissue.  (cover spray bottle nose and spray)  It worked!  Sneezy felt another sneeze coming, she reached for her arm. (cover spray bottle nozzle with your arm and spray)  This worked too!  Sneezy tried her best to cover her coughs and sneezes.  

I would love to hear how you change the story or even see the pictures you use to make your Sneezy!   Maybe we could start a hashtag called #Sneezy.  LOL. 

Bright Ideas Blog HopThis fun post is part of the Bright Ideas Blog Hop.  Make sure to head over and see what other helpful ideas are being shared.  If you are new here to The Tutor House, welcome!  This is a blog all about teaching in small group settings, starting your own tutor business, and so much more!  I hope you'll stick around.

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