Ideas to Diversify or Supplement your Tutor Income

With the end of the school year approaching, many tutors begin to wonder what they can do to cushion their income.  These ideas not only work during the summer months, but also throughout the entire year.  The ideas shared herein are not a get rich quick idea, but require the same amount of dedication that building a tutor business takes.  We'll be discussing ideas from writing eBooks all the way to making your own video course.

1.  Write an eBook

Writing an eBook can do several things for your tutor business.  It can set you apart from competing tutors, give you authority in your expertise, and provide another revenue source.  Michele Williams of Math Tutor PhD is such a tutor that has caught the vision for writing an eBook.  She wanted to create a book that helps parents engage with their child while working on math at home.  Her overall goal was to share how to make math fun again.  Michele self-published Math Can Be Fun and uploaded it to the Amazon Kindle Shop.  She recently was featured on Special Needs Book Review for her outstanding resource.


Once you are a published author, it can open many unexpected doors for you!  I've heard of authors being asked to present at conferences, be features on other sites, and scouted by big name publishing companies.

I will forewarn you though, writing an eBook is no easy task!  I speak from experience.  You'll want to spend a little money and hire someone to edit your book.  A good editor and proofreader can catch things and help you clarify your message.  It's also wise to spend a lot of time on your cover design.  Consider investing some money in a book cover design.  If you'd like to learn more about the self-publishing world, read Book Launch and browse Catherine, Caffeinated.  Both are experts in their fields.  Catherine Ryan Howard offers a more DIY approach and Chandler Bolt of Book Launch has free materials and courses to teach you about the self-publishing world.

2.  Work for Large Online Tutoring Companies


Learning is continually moving more and more online.  I see online tutor businesses popping up everywhere.  They vary in size and subjects.  Two stand out companies that come to mind are Bright Storm and Tutor.com.  Both provide online learning for a variety of subjects.  Bright Storm is a really fun online environment.  They have a library of videos on a variety of subjects.  I like their Math Genie that will help students solve math problems.  The secret to the Math Genie is the tutors that work for Bright Storm are providing the help and solutions.

Check out both companies, right now both are listing that they are hiring.

3.  Freelance Work

Do you have a knack for writing?  What about translating others written work?  Maybe grammar?  That's awesome because so many do not!  This is where your expertise could come in handy.  There are many sites where you can your freelance writing services.  eLance.com is a marketplace where small businesses come to get help with tasks that they do not have the skill set for.  You can post your services and bid on work as it comes through.  Getting started doesn't take too long either.  I can't emphasize how important it is to have a clear picture of yourself on this site and also be quick to respond to all inquiries.  I've used eLance to hire out coding for The Tutor House.  It was easy to use and I got a beautiful store as a result.

Other options for freelance work would be UpWork and Fiverr.com.  I've used Fiverr a few times myself.  It's a really cool site!  You would be amazed at the wide range of skills listed for hire over at these sites.  Go check it out and browse, you may just find something that is the right fit for you!

Types of Freelance Work:

Writing eBooks

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Blog post writing
  • Technical writers
  • Translation writers
  • Voice overs
  • Book cover design
  • eBook conversions

4.  Sell your Teaching/Tutoring Materials on Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is one of the fastest growing marketplaces for online teaching materials.  There are thousands and thousands of resources to select from.  Many of them are free and many are paid resources.  If you have unique ideas that are truly your own, have an eye for design, and a meticulous way about you….Teachers Pay Teachers may be a good fit for you.  You'll also need to be willing to put yourself out there on social media and maintain a website.  Above all, in order to succeed and stand out, you've got to put top notch materials on Teachers Pay Teachers.

5.  Virtual Assistant Work

Not many people know this about me, but a few years back I was a virtual assistant in addition to tutoring.  A virtual assistant is just that, they help with items that can be done online like writing social media updates, uploading blog posts, creating images for blog posts, writing content, answering email, doing research, etc.  Small businesses hire virtual assistants to help them with the tasks that take them away from the core of their work.  I really enjoyed the work, but found it difficult for me to keep up with my own website and provide top notch virtual assistance at the same time.


I highly recommend you read The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky.  Lisa is a real life virtual assistant with a wide range of experience.  When you purchase the book, you get access to a private group where you can interact with other virtual assistants.  I've learned a lot from that group.  I do believe that her group will be going through a transition here in the near future as she is ready to move onto other business  ventures.

You can also check into virtual assistant work with oDesk.com or Zirtual.com (a US based virtual assistant company).

Want even more ideas?  Check out Angela Watson's  post Alternatives to Classroom Teaching:  15 other rewarding jobs in education.


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