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It's time to do the work that leads to more respect, more referrals, more students, and more money in your pocket.

Suggested Progression

Use the provided checklist below to help you keep track of all the items you've completed within the Profitable Tutor Framework.

Download Area
Choose a Style
Click on the styles and download a set for yourself.  Be sure to download other items to enhance your tutoring like reading or math materials to use with your students.

When you click on the link, you'll be redirected to a download page.  Click on the download arrow.  After downloading, right click the file and then tell it to extract all files.  This allows you to open them.

Email me if you have any questions:

Style 1 - Bluebird
Style 1 - Honeypot
Style 1 - Sea Glass
Style 2 - Neutral
Style 3 - Butternut
Style 3 - Kiwi
Style 3 - Heirloom Tomato
Download additional resources
Spice up your lessons with these additional resources.  You'll find math and reading resources in addition to fun file folder games.
Math - Playing Card Math Mats
I love using playing cards for math instruction and practice. These playing card math mats have a fun automobile theme that appeals to the older grades.

These playing card math mats were created with the intent to be able to meet your Common Core Standards for Math or to quickly be able to place them in a math station.

They also make fantastic early finisher activities because a student can pick up a mat, grab a deck of cards, and they are off! Playing card math mats also allow you to differentiate for your students math abilities. Many of the mats come with examples to show the student how to work with the mat.

Inside this 76 page document you'll find:

-30 math mats (6th Grade CCSS for Math)
-19 math mats (7th Grade CCSS for Math)
-12 math mats (8th Grade CCSS for Math)

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Math - Fraction Rules
Help your students master fractions once and for all.  This is a method I use with all of my students from middle to high school.  Once they get these rules down, they become the master of fractions.

Check it out over at Teachers Pay Teachers:  Fraction BFFs.

Math - Geometry Proofs
Try out my Geometry Proofs attack sheets for free.  If you like them, I hope you'll consider the other math items.

Donwload them here:  Geometry_Proof_Attack_Sheets

Math - Algebra Graphic Organizers
Check out my best selling item over at Teachers Pay Teachers:

Skating Through Algebra:  Graphic Organizers for Algebra

Misc - File Folder Games
Pay what you want pricing on all of my file folder game boards.  I use these every time I tutor to help my students practice.  Just print the boards and the cards.  Write on the cards what you would like to practice.  I've collected a library of cards over the years.  I also laminate cards to allow me to write on them with wet erase markers.

Inside of this bundle:

1. City Cruisers File Folder Game
2. Day at the Beach File Folder Game
3. Deep Sea Dive File Folder Game
4. Puppy Days File Folder Game
5. Theme Park File Folder Game
6. Fireman File Folder Game
7. Army File Folder Game
8. Super Brothers File Folder Game
9. Retro Robot File Folder Game
10. Doodle File Folder Game


Reading Bundle
Pay what you want with this huge reading bundle.  I've used all of these resources with my students.  This bundle all together is valued at $29.00.  But, I know you're on a budget.  That's why I am offering pay what you want pricing.

Download and print the following reading games and materials:

1. City Cruisers File Folder Game
2. Day at the Beach File Folder Game
3. Deep Sea Dive File Folder Game
4. Puppy Days File Folder Game
5. Theme Park File Folder Game
6. Fireman File Folder Game
7. Army File Folder Game
8. Super Brothers File Folder Game
9. Retro Robot File Folder Game
10. Doodle File Folder Game
11. Reading File Folder Playing Cards
12. Reading Path Game Boards

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Get Paid What You're Really Worth!

Finding that right hourly rate is hard for tutors for one big reason…they have a giant heart!  Tutors never want to cause extra burden for families.  The truth is, your hourly rate tells a story about you.  Is it telling the right one?  Watch the video and let's find out.

Download the hourly rate planner (pricing guide) from the zipped files you downloaded up above in the download area.

FAQ for Pricing
I want to make six figures a year! Is that possible?

You bet!  Are you willing to put in the work?  Using the pricing guide, put in $100,000 and see what the numbers work out to be.

You are in charge of making these numbers work.  If you discover that this means you need to make $400 per hour.  It's time to drill down and figure out how you can deliver that value.

Don't forget that it's going to take a lot of work before you'll get to this much higher rate.

How can I do group tutoring to raise my hourly rate?

There are so many interesting things you can do!  After determining that number you need, start dividing it into smaller chunks that you can use to help you decide how many students you can work with.

You could do camps, homework study groups, teach homeschool classes, do online tutoring groups, etc.

Refer to The Novice Tutor for more ideas.

How long will it take before I reach my goal hourly rate?

That depends on you!  How much marketing are you doing?  This isn't a time to be shy or passive.

Turning tutoring into the career of your dreams will require you to hustle and put yourself out there.

Refer to the marketing section in the eBook and make plans to try some of them.

Give a Stellar First Impression

Tutor businesses that build themselves on a solid in-take process open the doors to more trust, more referrals, more students, and more money in their pockets.  Learn how to leave a lasting impression that instills trust and sets you up for success with each of your students.

FAQ for In-Take Process
How much should I charge for the assessment?

Let's Go Learn's assessments are very affordable.  I would recommend charging more for the assessment as you are spending time analyzing the results and making plans for your student.

One option that may work well for you is to take the purchase price of the assessment and then add on two hours of your hourly rate.

Where do I find the Tutor Tracker app you refer to?

You can learn more about the app by visiting

At this time, we only have the iPhone and iPad version available.  Hopefully we'll be able to add android soon.

What other scheduling software do you use?

I personally prefer my app (but I am a little bias).  Some other great options are Schedule Once, Owl Tutors, and if you run a WordPress website, try the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin.  The premium plugin allows you to install scheduling on your website.

Policy Tutorials

Here is your chance to communicate exactly how you'd like to be treated.  Policies give you the opportunity to have a conversation with clients about what they can expect from you and what is expected of them.  The video tutorial will walk you through how to add your own logo, change colors, and the text of the documents.


FAQ for Editing Policies
Do I have to own a copy of Adobe DC software?

The policies will allow you to add your logo and add your business information using Adobe Reader (free) if your logo image if in PDF format.

If you want the ability to change the wording of the policies, you'll need to sign up for a free trial of Adobe DC or get your hands on an older version of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.

Adobe DC allows you to store documents, change PDF to Word, gather e-Signatures, and create PDF documents from several individual items.

They allow a free two week trial.  This should be sufficient to go in and make the edits, then cancel the trial if you desire.

BUT having Adobe DC allows you to store these policies and open them anywhere.  Get them signed anywhere.  You'll always have the most up-to date software as well.

How do I change my logo to a PDF version?

You can use an online converter to change it over.  Select the following in your options:

Margin >>  None

Page Size >>  Fit image

Image Size >>  Keep original size

Visit Image to PDF converter here.

Can I just make these in Word?

Sure!  You can use Adobe DC to change these policies over to Word format and alter from there.

Some of the formatting will change.  Use the marketing flyers and export to Word if you want the image and header to keep exactly the same.

Where do I get images for the marketing forms?

Great question!  You can do a search for creative commons use images.  I like going to these sites:

What are the sizes for logos?

Square:  300 x 300 or 4 in. x 4 in.


Where can I find icons to use on the homepage?

I LOVE this question!  You can buy icons from many design sites, but all of the icons you see on this very page are from a cool resource called,

All of the icons are free to use if you give attribution, which means you provide a link on your website back to them.  I would put this attribution in the footer of your website or some other inconspicuous spot.

Go check them out!

A quick tip.  When you hover over an icon, you should see an eye ball or a plus.  Click on the eye ball and you'll be able download these icons in several different colors, sizes, and most importantly PNG file.

How do I get rid of that funky white space by the header?

Step One: Appearance=> Headers=> Deactivate (there is a warning that you cannot restore the default..that’s ok)

Step Two: Appearance=> Theme Options => Header , select header logo only.

Step Three (add social media, search bar, contact): Appearance=>Widgets>Header Top Sidebar => drag Simple Social Plugin widget and any other widgets you need

Why do I need hosting for my website?

Hosting is like having a parking place for your website online.  When you pay for this storage, they keep all of your data and image files.

I highly recommend A Small Orange.  They have stellar customer service and have helped me get out of some major pickles.

You can get 15% off your first month of hosting if you go through my affiliate link.  It doesn't cost you extra, it's just how they like to thank people for sharing.

Enter promo code:  thetutorhouse15

Visit A Small Orange to get started with hosting.

I don't want to build my own site. What do you recommend?

Actually, I just recently partnered up with a designer that can help us with that.  For a rare introductory price of $500, we'll design a semi-custom website with up to four pages.

Please contact us here to learn more about these options.

How do I make the icons clickable like they are on your website?

This is a PRO feature, Theme Grill has a free version of this theme and a paid one.

If you upgrade to the paid version, the icons become clickable which is super important in my opinion.

This is a one time purchase.

You'll love the Just for Tutors Facebook group.  We help each other problem solve, we look for new ways to expand, and so much more.

Please make sure to shoot me an email with your receipt when you request.  I get a lot of random people requesting to join and I want to make sure they've purchased this bundle or eBook.  Email us the receipt: