You know that moment when you wish you could turn back time and try again?  Like that time that you asked someone when they were expecting a baby only to find out they are not expecting at all?  Yeah.  Kinda like that.  You know the feeling I am sure.  Last week, I shared my deepest fears with you.  I pulled back the curtain and shared something that really makes me feel so uncomfortable.  It was awkward and definitely scary.

I talked about something that most people don't want to discuss unless they are like Scrooge McDuck.  MONEY. You usually only hear amazing, almost too good to be true stories.  You know the headlines:  “I earned six figures during a one hour webinar!”  “I tripled my income after making this one simple change!”  I hate those headlines because it encourages us to talk about only the picture of the result.  No one really talks about the fact is these folks that found such success have been at business for years. YEARS.  No one mentioned that their business was on the edge of being shut down several times.


Scrooge McDuck: Living the Dream
Instead of hiding over here in my corner of the internet, I shared the struggle with you instead.  Why?  Well.  For one, I want you to know what it takes to build a big, bustling website. This site has been around for 5 years steadily growing.  But the truth is, I've been running the Tutor Coach based upon my emotions instead of the cold hard facts.  I put in the hustle and went without always believing I was just around the corner from the site being able to turn a profit.  I invested my in-person tutoring money into the site blindly.  I've gone without income for way too long.  Secondly, I need help.  I really don't like admitting I need help.  But yet, I do.  So I shared.


The response I got from you was sweet.  My inbox filled up with many replies full of really helpful ideas and tips to keep Tutor Coach afloat.  All great ideas!  All of them considered before.  A few of you donated and I really appreciate every single dollar I received as a result.  It will help pay for the hosting and email for the site this month.  Really, thank you for that.

What am I really saying?  I don't know.  I just know that some things will be changing here on the Tutor Coach.  I'd love your input on what you'd be willing to support.  Help me out by answering this ONE question survey.


But don't fret my friend. I have no plans to shut the site down this month or at the end of the year. I'm just looking at my options and trying to make some decisions based in money reality rather than my emotional tie to you.  I'm pretty sure Scrooge McDuck would approve.  But meanwhile, I'll continue to keep sharing with you.


What about you?  Are you making decisions based in reality?  Or are you doing things based on emotions. 

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