Welcome to The Tutor Coach Resources section for expanding your tutoring business. Expanding your business is a scary but exciting step that you don't have to do alone. Get some great tips from other tutors who have been there. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of tools and websites I highly recommend for expanding your tutoring business.

I have tested every recommendation on this page. Many of these resources I use today in my own tutor business and or were crucial in the development and success of The Tutor Coach. Although some of these contain affiliate links, I stand 100% behind these brands and know you will love them as much as I do.

My Top Recommended Resources

Profitable Tutor Framework

The Profitable Tutor Framework is an online course and business in a box, tailored to your specific needs as a tutor.

Tutor Tracker App

The Tutor Tracker App is the only app designed for tutors, by tutors. Are you ready to stop dreading the business side of tutoring?  This app will change your life!

Online Tutor System

Get the step-by-step instruction and tools you need to take your tutor business online, no matter how techy (or non-techy) you are.

30 Days to a Better Tutor Business

Take this FREE 30-day challenge and take your tutor business to the next level.

The Novice Tutor

Get your questions answered about running a successful tutor business with Adrianne's 5-star ebook, The Novice Tutor.


Scribblar is an online collaboration and whiteboard tool that is perfect for online tutoring.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a life-changing scheduling software. Automate your tutor appointments, cancellations and reminders.
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Stagger Sessions: Maximizing Tutor Time

Elizabeth, a member of Just for Tutors, shared a schedule technique she uses to help her maximize her time working with her students.  Her schedule is always full and this allows her to serve more students. Maximizing Tutor Time This method is called the "Stagger...

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Is it Time to Hire?

You can feel it coming.  You really don’t like disappointing potential clients, but it’s becoming inevitable.  Things are going great with your business, but you are getting to the point that now you are going to have to turn away students! For a moment or two you...

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Facebook Marketing for Tutors

You've heard that Facebook can be a great place to find new students, but the idea of maintaining a business fan page can seem daunting.  What do you post?  Why does it seem like no one is seeing my posts?  How can I use Facebook to get my business moving in the right...

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AT 015: How Can I Make Full-Time Income Tutoring?

  Can I Make Enough Money Tutoring to Quit My Day Job? Our question comes from Andrew Vickery who would like some suggestions for non-evening gigs. He would also like to know if he can make enough money tutoring to quit his job as an engineer. Listen in to hear...

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My Summer Tutoring Plans

Today I am feeling victorious as I had some time to figure out my summer tutoring plans.  As I mentioned in Angela's post earlier in the month, I do not want a crazy summer like I had last year!  I didn't get to do much that was spontaneous with my own children....

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AT 013: How do I start a summer day camp?

  Are You Thinking About Offering a Summer Day Camp? Spring is here and summer is fast approaching.  Are you thinking about offering a summer day camp?  Today's question comes from Michele Williams, "Hi Adrianne, I would like to know how to set up a summer math...

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Make a Video for Your Tutor Website

In early fall, I changed my tutor website over to a self-hosted Wordpress site.  When I was setting up the site, I knew that adding video could be a really interesting way to engage with new visitors to the site.  Before the site went live, my top two referrals were...

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AT 009: Is Educational Therapy For You?

Is educational therapy for you? Instead of answering one of your questions on the podcast, today I am going to pose this one to you, "Is educational therapy for you?"  A few months back, Anne-Marie Morey of Bay Tree Blog reached out to me and asked if she could write...

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AT 008: Networking with Tutors

  Connecting with Other Tutors in Your Area Have you ever wanted to meet up with other tutors in your area?  You're not alone!  Our Ask the Tutor question comes from Nuwan, "I am a new tutor starting a career in Math and Physics tutoring in California.  Do you...

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AT 007: How Do I Get Through the Slow-Times of Tutoring?

How to Handle those Slow Times of Tutoring Our question comes from Gabby today!  She wants to know more about how to handle those slow times of tutoring.  Every industry has a slow time.  I'll discuss what my slow times are for my business.  I am located in Idaho, so...

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AT 005: How Do I Group Students?

Grouping Students for Tutoring Hello tutor friends!  Today's question comes from Vicki Gardner about how to group students for tutoring.  We cover a lot of ideas and Vicki has been presented with a really interesting opportunity. Resources I Refer to During the...

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Top Tips for Finding New Students

I'm super excited to share this great post with you written by the talented staff at Thumbtack.  In one of our discussions, they asked, "What is the biggest struggle your audience has?".  I knew that answer...finding students!  I told them that if they could give some...

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Advertising Your Tutoring Business – Strategies That Work

What if You Don’t Have Clients to Spread the Word Yet? When I ask others about their advertising strategies, I always hear a lot of the same great advice. Typically, other tutors reference the importance of word of mouth and I completely agree! The majority of my...

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A Tale of Two Tutors: Hiring Tutors Part 2

Our tale continues.  Rae Guyer-Largura is the owner of Leading Edge Tutors, Founder and Director of Tutors for Change, and a consultant for starting/building private tutoring businesses. She is a mother of two children and lives in Santa Barbara, California. I asked...

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A Tale of Two Tutors: Hiring a Tutor Part 1

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of booming business, it was the epitome of exhaustion, it was thrilling, and yet so very stressful....Okay--enough, enough.  LOL!  As  a tutor business owner, I am sure you feel like you are on a...

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Tutorcruncher: Tutor Business Management Software

Disclosure:  Just a heads up, I do receive payment from Tutorcruncher for writing this blog post.  They are the newest sponsor of The Tutor House.  I want you to know that I would never take on a sponsor here at The Tutor House unless I thought they were something...

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6 Websites to List Your Tutor Business (Plus 2 More)

The past few years, I've heard the same concern voiced over and over...tutors want a magic formula that will lead them to new students-like yesterday!  I know you are excited about your fabulous decision to be a tutor, but you've got to remember it takes time to build...

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5 Tips to Standing Out on Craigslist

I've made a great friend or two (or a hundred) in the tutoring industry.  One of them is Marna Marteeny of Kirkland Mastery Math.  The other day during the Think Bright conference, she mentioned in the question and answer session that she gets a lot of students from...

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Spring Time Tutor Tag Lines

Spring is here!  Birds are chirping (at least in Idaho they are), flowers are popping up, and tutors are getting more students with tag lines.  What??  Not sure what a tag line is?  It's a short phrase meant to grab others attention. The tag lines you see in the above...

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Tutor Tag Lines

What's a tagline? It's a catch phrase or slogan used to capture a  potential client's attention.  You can use taglines on your flyers, brochures, business cards, Facebook fan page, and even your website!  Anywhere you would like to grab some attention to your...

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Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corps…Oh My!

Lots of questions have been coming in about whether to be a sole proprietor, LLC, or S-Corp.  I decided to invite my father in-law to chat with me about this topic with all of you!  My father in-law, Jim has a lot of great business experience.  He ran his own business...

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Marketing Your Tutor Business Recorded Live Event!

Today, I had the honor of hosting a live event with Victoria of TheTutoress.com. We chatted about the basics of marketing your tutor business. Great ideas were shared and books were given away to those who attended the live event. Video: Basics of Marketing Your...

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Google Hangout On Air: Marketing Your Tutor Business

I am so flippin' excited to be doing this hangout with Victoria of TheTutoress.com. Together we'll be presenting ideas to market your tutor business and also be giving away copies of our eBooks to those who attend the live event.  {See giveaway details at bottom of...

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Maximize Time and Money with Homework Clinic

I thought I wrote about homework clinic on the blog sometime last year...turns out I only shared this idea with my Facebook fan page!  Silly me...maybe it is worth writing about? Serving Students who only need Occasional Help Last year, I had quite a few students that...

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Expanding Your Tutor Business: A Tutor Shares Her Story

One question I get asked frequently is how to expand your tutor business beyond just yourself.  I honestly never know how to answer this question because I am a one man show in my tutor business and I would like to keep it that way until my children are more grown....

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About Adrianne Meldrum

Adrianne Meldrum is a private tutor and coach for tutors looking to turn tutoring into the career of their dreams.  You'll find the tools needed to get started using her digital toolbox, Profitable Tutor Framework.  She's the author of The Novice Tutor and the creator of the app Tutor Tracker.

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