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Several years back, I sat and listened to Angela discuss online tutoring during a conference we were collaborating on about various ways to expand your tutoring business.  Angela Culley has a warm way about her and I can remember the sentence clearly, “One of the things I like most about online tutoring is that I can be business on the top and party on the bottom.”  It was difficult not to laugh too hard (thankfully my mic was muted during the conference) as I imagined her in a nice top.  I chuckled at the thought that she had a swimsuit on the bottom because she had plans to be poolside that day. That's when I knew Angela and I would become fast friends. That is one of my favorite perks of online tutoring:

Casual Dress is Welcome During Sessions

Now don't get me wrong, I do love to dress nice when I go out but being able to work in my yoga pants is a real pull for me on my level of happiness.  Can you relate?  Dressing like this fits well into my life as a busy mom of three boys.  Many of my days begin in yoga pants as I rush them out the door and settle into work, which leads me to my next favorite perk…

Setting Your Own Work Schedule

Online tutoring allows me to maximize my working hours for when I am at my best.  There have been many afternoons and evenings where my brain is more fried than my students and math is just pitiful for both of us.  Tutoring during the day time hours when I am most alert turns out to be exactly what I need to be most effective. Turns out that I make less mistakes when I work at my optimal times.  Online tutoring also allows me to take on less risk, which is always a good thing!

Limited Risk

No more worrying about a client getting hurt while in your care or fretting about a child slipping on your sidewalk as they come to the door.  Online tutoring eliminates those issues and allows you to still effectively teach your student.  You can be more effective because your location is more likely to be less distracting!

No More Worrying About Location and Distractions

How many hours do you spend in the car driving to your students homes or the library?  What about the noise level that can and does increase at public locations?  Online tutoring can help decrease environmental distractions and increase your effectiveness.

Is online tutoring the right move for you?

It's an emotional decision for most of us.  Which Tech Emoji fits you best?

Online tutor quiz

Imagine that you are working on your new website. You spent three days getting your pages "just so" and then you click on button and it all vanishes. How do you react?
You are working with a client for the first time online. As you are working, the speakers start to echo everything your client is saying. You...
Working online has inevitable ongoing costs. Any time you encounter a monthly fee for a software that makes your life easier, your reaction is:
How much money are you willing to invest each month in your online tutoring business?
Are you willing to work consistently on your online business? Typically, tutors spend 5-10 hours a week handling these tasks: -Website maintenance -Blog post writing -Handling of funds from clients -Enforcing cancellations -Creating videos to promote yourself -Actively participating in social media

If you are having more reservations about online tutoring, check out our series of short videos below about online tutoring.  You'll hear from both Angela and I as we talk about tech issues, making clients feel safe, organizing yourself for the online session, and more.



The Online Tutor System is open for enrollment for the spring 2016 class.  We have just a few spots left.  Will you be joining us?  Enroll in the Online Tutor System Here.



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In this video we discuss the most common tech issues with online tutoring.

  • Is having an online business frustrating with all the gadgets?
  • Have you ever had tech problems with your business?
  • Are you tired of dealing with tech issues?

Follow these simple tips to work out your tech issues.

Want to become an online tutor?  Check out our Online Tutor System.

Have you heard about my math business? Check it out,

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Do I Really Need a Website as a Tutor? Sun, 02 Dec 2018 08:00:11 +0000 The post Do I Really Need a Website as a Tutor? appeared first on The Tutor Coach.


This video discusses the importance of having a website as a tutor.

  • Do you have a website for your business?
  • How are you getting your name out there?
  • Do you know the importance of a business website?

Here's a few tips on why a website is beneficial.

Here's some other great sites to check out:

This tutor, Darlene is using Divi Themes on a self-hosted WordPress site:

Looking for a designer that is affordable?

Check out Danielle Novack at Dogs Who Talk Design.

Examples of websites keeping it simple: Melissa Daniels over at

Lynn Wilson over at Tutoring with a Smile:

Do you know about my math business? Check it out,

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How to Make a Good First Impression Online Sun, 18 Nov 2018 08:00:08 +0000 The post How to Make a Good First Impression Online appeared first on The Tutor Coach.


This is a quick video about making a good impression online.

  • Do you know what kind of impression you are giving?
  • Do you have your information visible online?
  • Are you telling the right story about you and your business?

Following these simple tips can make a big difference for your business.

Want to become an online tutor?  Check out our Online Tutor System.

Have you heard of my math business? Check it out,

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This video is about choosing a focus for your tutor business.

  • What kind of tutoring do you want to do?
  • What kind of demographic do you want to appeal to?
  • How do you decide?

Here are a few tips in figuring out how to find your specific focus for your tutoring business.

Now that you've watched the video, what subjects are you thinking about tutoring? Do you want to go narrow or broad? Tell me in the comments below.

Multi-sensory math training:


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This video discusses the wonderful tools that are available for online tutoring.

  • Ever wonder how to make a video?
  • Are you looking for faster ways to create content?
  • Do you need something to make your podcasts more clear?

These tools will get you on your way in creating faster, more professional content for your business.

Below are the links discussed in this video:

Scissor Arm for Mic (affiliate link)
Logitech Webcam (affiliate link)
Selfie Stick (affiliate link)
Video and podcast audio editor
Audio Technica ATR 2100 Mic (affiliate link)

Have you heard of my math business? Check it out,

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Quieting the Overwhelm of Tutoring Sun, 28 Oct 2018 08:00:40 +0000 The post Quieting the Overwhelm of Tutoring appeared first on The Tutor Coach.


This video we will be discussing how owning your own business can be overwhelming and how to lessen the load.

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with your tutoring business?
  • Are you finding it hard to keep up with?
  • Do you feel like you never get a break?

Here are some things that I have found that can help ease the stress of your daily tasks.

For easy scheduling go to:
Acuity Scheduling 

Read this great book:
E Myth Enterprise, by Michael E Gerber

Have you heard of my math business? Check it out,

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Nitty Gritty of Tutoring Insurance and Legal Stuff Sun, 21 Oct 2018 08:00:39 +0000 The post Nitty Gritty of Tutoring Insurance and Legal Stuff appeared first on The Tutor Coach.


In this video we discuss the legal and liability issues that come up when owning an online business.

  • Are you wondering if you are doing what you need to when it comes to business?
  • What paperwork keeps my business legal?
  • What do I do with the money I make in my business?
  • Do I need insurance and what kind?

If you've ever wondered about these questions, then this video will get you on the right track to a legal business.

Helpful links:
Background checks
Liability insurance

Have you heard of my math business? Check it out,


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Part 1 – I'm Meeting Pat Flynn!

Let Go Video Contest

In August of 2017, Pat was releasing the updated version of Let Go a book I had read about 3 years ago.  I was excited to see that he had expanded it to include the transformation of being a solo-preneur to the CEO of his company.  This intrigued me as I was thinking about this transition myself.

He sent an email and I happened to open it to see a video contest to share how letting go of fears has helped you in your business.  The winner gets to spend the day with Pat Flynn in San Diego.

I was super curious now.

My Submission to the Let Go Video Contest

Here's what I shared in the comments of the post:  

For those of you that don't want to take the 3:32 min to watch, basically–I've learned that letting go is the best thing you can do and is a pattern you will see over and over again on this path to success. Thanks for teaching me this back in 2014 Pat.

And for a real example of letting go recently, check out my latest email to other business owners like me:…

No joke, it was a moment of panic that turned into an amazing summer of fun and friendship.

10 Lessons I've Implemented that Pat Flynn Taught Me

1 – SPI 085: How To Finally Take Action—Even If You’re Lost, Overwhelmed, or Don’t Know Where to Start with Dane Maxwell

This was the episode that prompted me to email Pat back in 2013!  I was working online, tutoring part-time, and also working as a virtual assistant.  To my surprise, I was totally touched by this episode which caused me to take a hard look at myself and admit I had too many safety nets.  It was time to cut myself free and take some risks.

I took action and quit doing virtual assistant work.  I felt vulnerable and scared.  I wasn't sure what the next steps were.

Listen to the podcast episode 85 here.

2 – SPI 042: Killer Kindle Publishing Tips with Jonny Andrews

I decided to go back into the archives and find a way to monetize what I knew how to do, which was start a tutoring business.  This podcast episode really helped me wrap my head around how to write the book and publish it on Amazon.

I wrote the first version of The Novice Tutor:  Answers to Your Questions About Starting a Tutor Business and it was available on my website and Teachers Pay Teachers for a long time, then I took the next step and added it to Amazon.

Read my book:  The Novice Tutor:  Answers to Your Questions About Starting a Tutor Business

The second version was expanded as my knowledge increased and as other tutors shared their experiences of starting a business with me as well.  I LOVE the second version and look forward to adding more information again in 2019 as things are changing once again for me.

Listen to Podcast Episode 42

3 – SPI 098: Millionaires and Mastermind Groups 

Game changer right here.  Shortly after I heard this one, I reached out to a large Facebook group full of teachers selling resources online to see if anyone was interested in starting a mastermind.  A bunch of interest was shown and groups were formed based on availability.

My first mastermind consisted of:

Our mastermind is more relaxed, but we check in each week with our goals for the week.  These ladies have taught me SO much!  April has helped me to stay focused on what I do best and stay true to myself.  Erin is the queen of all things Pinterest…she helped me see the light that it is indeed, worth my effort.  Jenny has taught me very cool tricks inside of Adobe InDesign which I used to make premium tutoring policies with fillable fields and logo upload spots that tutors can purchase.

I'm still part of this mastermind and we meet up once a year in the fall to have a work weekend together and yearly report on the status of our businesses.  Mega helpful!

I've also created other mastermind groups and actively participate in three others with varying focuses.

I won't list all of the influential people in those groups as that could be another giant post in and of itself!  But you know who you are…I value you so much!  Thank you for pushing me to do my best.

Listen to Podcast Episode 98

4 – SPI 75: Six-Figure Earnings (Not on Amazon) and a Pricing Structure that Works

This episode helped me to look at how I was selling my book and start packaging it up with various items instead of having customers buy everything individually.  I also learned about Gumroad and starting using them exclusively.

Here's my current bundle of items for tutors:  The Profitable Tutor Framework

Listen to Episode 75

5 – SPI 095: The DOs and DON’Ts of Online Video with Caleb Wojcik

Little did I know that I would fall in LOVE with video.  I have a long way to go in my skills, but I try not to let my amateur status hold me back from making videos and sharing them with the tutors here and also on Math for Middles (my online math tutoring site).

I still follow Caleb to this day and seek his advice on equipment when I am looking to make a small investment in video.  Between Caleb's help, Wistia's Learning Library/Forum, and the book How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck…I became hooked.  Video is so much fun!

Listen to Episode 95 Here.

6 – SPI 146: Product Validation and Pre-Selling—A Real Life Example with Jarrod Robinson

This episode got me super excited.  I followed the steps to validate an idea I had to create an invoicing app for tutors.  I recruited my brother-in-law to help me build an iOS app and a group of tutors to help formulate features and test it.  It was a TON of work!  But I am so proud of the final product:

Tutor Tracker

All went really well except for one thing.  I didn't think about the fact that MOST tutors are running their lives on Android and not iPhone.  My brother-in-law isn't interested in building it for Android and I still get emails from tutors asking me to launch it on android.  Sadly, the sales for Tutor Tracker are underwhelming.  Not enough to justify hiring a developer to make the app for Android.  I've priced it out a few times and there is no way I'd recoup the money.

Listen to Episode 146

7 – SPI 115: 9000 Unread Emails to Inbox Zero: My Executive Assistant Shares How We Did It (and How You Can Too!)

By following Pat's advice to engage on a personal level with your audience, I had a very busy inbox.  It overwhelmed me so much.  This episode has completely changed my life.  It took some time to set up, but once I did and started using it—I was saving so much time!

Plus I found that I had a reliable system to go back and pull out conversations that needed my attention.  In fact, I still have the email and reply Pat sent to me back in 2013 in my email.  He has his very own folder called Pat's W of W (words of wisdom).  I save those special messages there plus emails that were really helpful.

Listen to Podcast Episode 115 Here

8 – Will It Fly?

I cannot say enough good things about this book, but don't let the price deceive you!  I was thinking at first it would be this overview of the validation process, but it was deep work.  You really have a super clear picture if your idea for a business will work.

I still refer to the work I did inside of this book.  If you have an idea you'd like to launch for a business, start with this book.  You'll thank me later.

My online math tutoring business is here because of this book.  I used it to help me validate my idea and make sure that I was on the right track.  My idea was to make videos using a technique called multisensory math to help struggling math students get instruction at the level they needed.

Math is a giant field but my niche is largely open right now.  You can see the website here:

9 – SPI 200: How Deleting a Third of Your Content Can Triple Your Traffic—How to Do a Content Audit with Todd Tresidder

At the time of listening to this podcast episode, I knew that I wanted to rebrand The Tutor House to the Tutor Coach.  I wanted to get really clear about what I do here.  I coach tutors!

Since being online since 2011, my archives were a mess.  I wasn't sure what to do or where to start.  This episode helped me to figure out a clear path and also find a way to automate as much of the Tutor Coach as possible so that I could act on Math for Middles.

This was NOT easy.  In hindsight, I should have hired someone to handle the migration part because I am pretty certain I screwed it up.  My SEO did not go up, but took a ding.  I am just now starting to recover from this move to a new domain and getting the same traffic I had before.

I admit, that I lost steam on doing the rebranding and fixing all of the broken links and redirection of different items.  This is on my list to finish completely by the end of 2nd quarter of 2018.

Listen to episode 200 here.

10 – SPI 283: Six-Figures in an Obscure Niche with Cassidy Tuttle

I listened to this episode twice on my way to my annual mastermind meetup this past fall.  It truly inspired me.  Six-figures talking about…succulents?!  Yes, those cute little trendy desert plants that seem to be everywhere.

It caused me to wonder, could my own class about fractions be my own “succulents”?

I am passionate about fractions.  I completely nerd out on them because they are everywhere in math.  And when my students completely understand fractions, math seems much easier.  It's magical and I LOVE fractions.

Listen to episode 283 here.

Part 2:  My Big Day with Pat is Here!

The wait has been worth it!  Got on a plane this last weekend to meet up with Pat in San Diego…only I didn't stay there long!

Pat had a slight change of plans –

He wanted me to join him at Marketing Impact Academy Live with Chalene Johnson.

The event was great, but for obvious reasons hanging with Pat was just the best.

He's the real deal and so genuine!  I'll never forget how he gave me a big hug and put me at ease immediately.  We spent 6 hours together chatting life and business strategy.

A day never to forget!

Part 3 – 5 Tips from My Day with Pat Flynn

Pat had mountains of great info to share with me.  It was mega helpful to have him spend hours picking apart my business and sharing tips that I can start applying immediately.  By the end of the evening, I walked away with a five-step plan to get me even closer to my goal which is to fill up my fractions class every month on Math for Middles.

This video, however, helped me to reflect on 5 big ideas that I gleaned from Pat.  I wanted to share them with you because I knew that you may be struggling with these as well.

Comment below and share with me your thoughts!  How close have you been to giving up on your business?  Can I help you keep going?

An open letter to Pat Flynn-

Your generosity drives me to do better than before.  Thank you for giving me permission to be my nerdy self and embrace my strengths.  Somehow you've always been there each time I wanted to throw the towel in.

Your podcasts have been a powerful catalyst to keep going.

This day with you is my jet fuel as I shoot for the moon.  

Thanks for the boost,


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10 Ways to Spot Dyslexia in Your Tutor Students Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:19:55 +0000 The post 10 Ways to Spot Dyslexia in Your Tutor Students appeared first on The Tutor Coach.


|This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.|

During my time as a tutor, I've taught reading to several students.  I LOVED it, but there was some that I just didn't know what was up until I read Overcoming Dyslexia by Dr. Shawitz.  From that moment on, I cannot unsee dyslexia.  It caused a complete shift inside of me and also forced me to get real with my abilities as a tutor.  I quit tutoring reading and decided to focus on math only, but then I realized that the language issues that plague dyslexia students–also affect math.  I decided to get multisensory math training to meet the needs of my students.  

In my efforts to tap into the dyslexia community, I found a parent group with mountains of helpful experts inside of it.  One of them is Sara Dorken of Aardvark Tutoring.  She is a gem and I am so excited to be sharing her awesomeness with you today!  -Adrianne

Thanks Adrianne.  Before we dive into our topic today, I wanted to point out something very important:

Dyslexia is a spectrum disorder. There are no two dyslexic students who present in the same way. This list is for informational, not diagnostic purposes and is in no way exhaustive. If you suspect a student has dyslexia you should discuss your concerns with their parent or guardian and encourage them to seek a diagnosis from a professional.

Being a tutor is an incredibly special job. We have the chance to get to know our students, in a one-on-one environment with the opportunity to have a profoundly positive impact on their lives. There is (usually) only one student at a time, which means that we are able to focus on their needs alone, without the distraction of other students.


This opens up the opportunity for us to see how they work, see the areas in which they struggle, and to tailor our approaches to meet their needs. But – what if you have a student who, despite all of your time and effort, and his/her time and effort, simply struggles to make progress with their reading and spelling?
According to The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, dyslexia is a disorder which affects one in every five people, of all backgrounds. Seeing those numbers, it becomes obvious that you are likely working with at least a few students who are dyslexic.

Adrianne's Notes:  1 in 5 ya'll!  That's more prevalent than autism.

Here are 10 signs of dyslexia to look out for:

  1. They read a word fine in one spot – but can’t read the same word in a different spot.
  2. They have weak phonemic and phonological awareness – they can’t match or have difficulty matching letters to their sounds, and they can’t recognize rhyming words.
  3. They have trouble reading words in isolation – for example, from a word list.
  4. Their difficulties with reading and spelling are surprising given their intelligence, strengths and previous learning opportunities.
  5. They lose their place while reading, skipping over words or entire lines of text.
  6. They do not comprehend what they have read.
  7. They confuse the order or direction of letters (not necessarily reversals but a disorientation of letters).
  8. They easily confuse words that sound similar or have similar meanings à The tornado erupted. The windy day produced a volcano.
  9. They tend to try to spell all words phonetically.
  10. They have a family history of reading difficulties

Visit: for a comprehensive list of the signs of dyslexia.

Adrianne's Notes:  When I do my diagnostic testing with Let's Go Learning, I look closely at the phonemic awareness and spelling results.  If they rate it as poor, this is a red flag for me to watch for other signs and make notes of them anytime I see them so I can present the parents with my findings.

Now that you suspect you might be working with one or more dyslexic students, here are some tips for how you can best work with them to facilitate their learning.

Tailoring your approach to meet their needs:

  • Know that your student’s struggles are not the result of a lack of effort. In fact, those with learning disabilities are often putting in a greater effort than those without.
  • Just because your student isn’t looking at you, doesn’t mean that they aren’t listening to you. Encourage the use of fidget toys and allow them to keep their hands busy.
  • Ask your student how they learn best and try to include their preferences in your teaching style.
  • Give your student processing time. This is extremely important! Those with dyslexia have the ability to give you the correct answer but they will often need more time to think about your question. It’s ok for there to be silence in the room while they are thinking. Resist the urge to ask follow-up questions while they are thinking.
  • Clip the /uh/ sound off when saying phonemes to your student. For example, the letter <b> makes the sound /b/ not /buh/.
  • Avoid saying the word ‘no’ when the student is incorrect. Instead, try to lead them to the answer by having them reference previous work to get to the answer.
  • Ask them if it makes sense the way you have taught it. If they say that it doesn’t make sense, try to say it in a different way.
  • Lead students to the answers rather than giving them the answers.
  • Outline exactly what you will be doing with them in your lesson. Break it down into smaller chunks.
  • Ask them to listen actively. Have them repeat back what you have said in their own words.
  • Identify their strengths! Ask them what they are great at and use their strengths to help with their learning.
  • Above all: make it evident that you are there to work WITH them to make reading and spelling easier for them. You two are a TEAM.

Use the list above to make yourself aware of some of the characteristics of dyslexia. If you suspect one of your students has dyslexia, discuss your concerns with their parent or guardian and encourage them to seek testing through the child’s school or privately through a psychologist. If you’re already working with dyslexic students, the tips above will help you to create the best possible working relationship with your student.

Tutoring really is one of the best jobs in the world! Fostering an environment where our students will thrive and giving them the necessary tools for success makes for happy clients. Keep up the great work!
Sara DorkenSara is a passionate tutor and online trainer who specializes in using the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach while working with students with dyslexia and any other learning differences. She has trained in many OG-based programs and has been certified to teach the OG approach from the Dyslexia Training Institute based out of the University of San Diego. Sara has helped develop the Aardvark Program and has made it unique by using her extensive background in sport and physical activity (M.A. Human Kinetics) to integrate movement in order to build physical literacy and traditional literacy in struggling students.

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