Free Math Apps By Grade Level - Here are 30 FREE math apps organized by grade levels (some apps may overlap). Use these apps as a fun way to practice math skills, whether you are at home or in the classroom! You'll see my top pick in each section, which just means it was my favorite and really stood out to me. Click on any of the app images to open them up in iTunes.

Grades K-5

My Top Pick:
Math with Balloons
Math With Balloons – Improve math skills with five levels of difficulty in this app. Drag and drop balloons to make the equation correct. There is more than one answer! I also really enjoyed the classical background music 🙂


Other Great Apps:


Grades 6-8

My Top Pick:
Thinking Blocks Fractions
Thinking Blocks Fractions – With this app you can solve word problems involving fractions and whole numbers. There are 6 problem solving models to choose from, with an easy drag and drop interface!


Other Great Apps:


Grades 9-12

My Top Pick:
Trig Pro
Trig Pro – This app is full of helpful trig tutorials and examples. It's great to have all the info in one place!


Other Great Apps:

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