Did you know that I have 35 different freebies here on The Tutor House blog shop?  That is a ton of goodies!  As I was browsing my blog on the hunt for broken links…I realized that many of these freebies need a major overhaul.  Some of them will continue to be free, but many of them will be added upon and made so much better.  So I am giving you fair warning to download my freebies to your heart's content until Friday, June 6th 2014.  After that, I will be making at least 85% of them inactive both here on the blog shop and in my TpT shop (yes some of them vary depending on where you are looking)  Scoop 'em up while you can!  Follow the link below to see all the freebies I have to offer right now.


Visit my freebie shop

Visit my TpT freebie shop

After making them inactive, I'll slowly fix and improve each one!

We'll have ourselves a throw-back Thursday theme for all the freebies that make it back in the shop.

Thanks so much!

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