Part 2

Our tale continues.  Rae Guyer-Largura is the owner of Leading Edge Tutors, Founder and Director of Tutors for Change, and a consultant for starting/building private tutoring businesses. She is a mother of two children and lives in Santa Barbara, California. I asked Rae to share her story of how she hires tutors because she has quite a different perspective as she contracts over 20 tutors!


Rae with her two children

1. How many tutors do you employ now?

First of all, the key to managing tutors is hire them as independent contractors. So, I do not “employ” any tutors. I have approximately 25 tutors that are working under Leading Edge Tutors and are successfully working with students. I have approximately 20 more tutors that are in my database, that I have interviewed, and I would call on if the right student fit came to me.

2. What ways did you advertise your available tutor positions?

I advertise on Craigslist and I have relationships with the math, science and English departments at the local University.

3. How did you screen possible applicants?

I review their resume’s, talk to them on the phone then meet with them for about a half hour interview. If I feel that they would represent my company they way I want, then I give them something to follow up on. If they follow up, then I put them on my tutor list to call when I have a student for him or her. I consider the interview is still continuing even though I give them a student. I want student and parent feedback and rely on it. Sometimes it takes a student or two to “weed out” the tutors that are not going to work out for me. By the time I have worked with the tutor for about 3 families, I know exactly what kind of tutor they are for me and how much I can rely on them to best represent Leading Edge Tutors. This all happens very quickly.

4. What paperwork do you require for new tutors?

I have a sheet for all of their personal information, an independent contractor agreement, a background check release form and a W-9 form.

5. How does having an employee enhance your business?

My independent contractors ARE my business.

6. What advice would you give to another tutor considering expanding their business?

I am managing tutors, so the advice is different if I am talking about operating a tutoring business or talking to an individual tutor and how to manage his or her individual students and clients. I have recently launched a company, Tutors for Change.org. I wrote an eBook on “How to Be an Independent Tutor. The Step By Step Plan For Success.” This book is given when a tutor creates a listing with Tutors for Change. This might be a good source for the answer to this question.

Thank you to Marna and Rae for helping me write a fun post about hiring tutors!  No two stories are the same.  For even more helpful resources about how to hire an employee, be sure to watch Score.org's free webinar.

How will your tale be told?  Do you think you'll hire a tutor in the future? Comment below and let me know.  

Are you new to tutoring or looking for more great resources?  Be sure to head over to my Business Tips page to find more tutoring goodies.

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