Setting Appropriate Boundaries for Yourself AND Your Clients

Today's question is close to my heart!  I've been in Shavonta's same shoes.  She wants to know more about setting some appropriate boundaries for herself and her clients.  Do you deal with chatty parents like Shavonta does?


I have been having an issue lately with some parents wanting to talk to me for up to 30 minutes after their child's session is over.

This creates a big issue in terms of my being able to leave and get to the next client in a timely fashion, and also prevents me from respecting my time and other obligations.

I always make time to chat and follow-up with parents for about five minutes but after that I really need to be able to leave.

I also tell parents they can contact me via phone or email if they have more in-depth questions. How can I politely get parents to understand the importance of respecting my time without being rude?”

Can I Get Parents to Respect My time Without Being Rude?

Show Notes:

Writing Policies and the In-take Process

Tutor Business Forms (Policies)

Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud

The Novice Tutor eBook

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