You may have noticed to the right of this blog post is a new section where you can let me know what topics interest you–After waiting some time, I saw that many of you wanted to know more about finding affordable tutor curriculum.  When I first started tutoring, I tried to do everything on the cheap.  I mean everything!  If I could make it, I did.  If I could borrow–yep!  I did that too.  It wasn't until about 3 years ago that I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers.  The idea was fairly new to me.  I hopped online to see what I could find.  One of my first stops was Sunny Days.  I fell in love with her BUMP math games!  They were free too and you know what??  My students loved them as well.    One of my first purchases from Sunny Days was a cricket sort.  It was top notch quality and oh so fun.  I was hooked!  My first purchase was a success.  I saw the value in buying quality materials.  It was saving me time and making my tutor sessions more effective.

There are lots of freebies out there.  Oh my goodness–have you looked at my store?  It's a little ridiculous how many free items are in there.  Resources that I spent hours creating and tweaking to get just right.  And that is one point I would like to make–(standing on soap box)  there are a lot of great tutoring/teaching curriculum out there that does cost money.  What is unfortunate is how many people don't appreciate the time, energy, and investments in things like clip art and fonts to make these great teaching tools….Why shouldn't someone be compensated for their time?  You expect to be paid when you tutor right?  Once I looked at items that teachers created from that perspective…I realized that what many of them are charging is small beans when compared to the time it would take me to create the same resource.  Alright…alright (stepping down from soap box).

So how do I afford tutor curriculum?

You won't really like my answer–you save.  Yep!  It's that simple.  You save and plan to purchase items.  I save $25 each month to help me buy materials.  Of course I love me some freebies, but there are items out there that have impacted my students–and that I couldn't imagine tutoring without now!  You can always start small with even just $5.00.  Wait a few months and buy something that is on your wish list.

Purchasing tutor curriculum is part of my business plan.  It directly impacts my effectiveness as a tutor which in turn helps me get more students!

Watch my video tutorial for where I hunt for tutoring curriculum:


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