Grow Your Business by Marketing with Assessments

I've written a lot recently about Let's Go Learn assessments.  First, I told you how I was going to use them to assess my students and plan– then I shared how I used the assessment to guide my summer tutoring.  Now I want to shed some light on how you can use them as a way to market and find new students.  Aaron who works for Lets Go Learn (I am going to refer to them as LGL from here on out in this post), helped me one day on the phone with a question I had about adding an assessment to one of my student's profile.  While we were on the phone, he mentioned that he was a tutor in the past and used LGL assessments to help his tutor business grow.  I was intrigued!  I called another day and we talked in depth about how he used them to his advantage.

Let's Go Learn's Powerful Diagnostic Tools

First Aaron decided to host a free preview night of LGL assessments within a school.  He had hired a teacher to help implement LGL assessments and programs.  They used this preview night as a way to educate other teachers and tutors about how the programs work to increase student comprehension.  LGL has powerful diagnostic tools that teachers just drool over (I experienced this earlier in the school year).  He made invitations and then worked with the principal to make sure they were okay with him educating his staff on all that LGL has to offer.

Aaron talked about how tutors have the benefit of time to implement programs.  Teachers have a limited amount of time and don't commit to doing these programs during class time.  However, they see the benefits of the assessments and programs after attending the free event.  After signing up students, he was able to increase student achievement rapidly and stunned the principal with the results.  This lead Aaron to increase business earnings by 500% in one year!  This enabled them to grow their staff two fold as well.  Isn't that amazing?

Diagnostic Tools can Pinpoint a Student's Struggles

While we talked about his amazing experience, I had someone on call waiting looking for tutoring for their daughter.  They had gotten my name from a school counselor.  I knew exactly what counselor this parent was talking about.  Earlier that month, I attended a meeting about one of my new students.  I presented to a group of teachers, the school counselor, principal, and others my results from LGL.  They were all impressed with the amount of knowledge I knew about this student!  The school had just finished their own statewide testing and couldn't necessarily tell the parents where the daughter was struggling because those tests are benchmark tests, not diagnostic tests like LGL offers.  That day I had four people in the room ask for my business card!

Let's Go Learn Can Help You Market Your Business

I immediately emailed Aaron after I got off the phone with this parent because he was right!  LGL can also help you market your tutor business.  LGL has totally surprised me on so many levels–from their affordable pricing to their powerful diagnostic tools and now as a marketing tool!  I even have one more idea for using LGL in my business…but I'll have to save it for another post.

How are you marketing your tutor business?  What assessment tools are helping you put your best foot forward?   Visit Let's Go Learn to learn more about they can help you!

Disclaimer:  LGL did not pay me to post this…I just really LOVE them!

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