This ornament is by far my boys favorite ornament.  We made it together a few years ago and every year it still holds a special place in their heart.  They are simple to make and would be easy to do in a classroom setting or with your younger tutoring students on their last day of tutoring before the holiday break.


  • Clear plastic globe ornament (3-4 in. diameter)
  • Epsom Salt
  • Mini items listed in poem
  • Funnel
  • Hot glue gun

I found all of the items I needed for our ornaments at Michaels Craft Stores and the dollar store. Michaels has this mini Christmas tree aisle in their store with most of the items I needed. Confetti works well as do mini erasers.  When I was looking for mini Christmas trees, I ended up using foam cutouts.


Remove the top of the ornament.  Place all of the items from the poem inside.  Insert the funnel into the ornament and then scoop in Epsom salt.  Fill the ornament about half way.  Hot glue the ornament cap back onto the the top.  Attach poem with ribbon and you're done!

Feel free to download the poem/tag here!

Click Here to Download


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