Riding the tea cups makes me want to….vomit. There I said it. Tea cups are one of the worst rides and I find that I have been getting those woozy feelings often this past year as I work on my new online tutoring business, Math for Middles.


I worry and stress.


Chase my tail about decisions.


Fret over #allthethings.


There are so many ways I could start gaining traffic to my new website and offerings, but I have chased my tail more times than I care to count. I finally made up my mind how to market my new business.  No more tea cups.  Short story of the decision:  Facebook group + Affiliates + Podcast.


The truth is, there really isn't very many fast methods for marketing out there. Most of the ones I know are riding the turtle and not the hare. Basically, I gotta have patience with the decisions I've made. Oh it's hard to have patience ya'll!


Riding on the Tea Cups
But it's not easy.  Just like you, I am starting from zero all over again because I am choosing to build a tutor business all online instead of in-person.  It's hard and sometimes I feel like throwing up from the dizzy feelings I have.   An important decision has come to me:


Get off the tea cup ride.


Step onto the roller coaster instead. Okay–that may sound worse. But with the roller coaster you are making progress.


Your income goes up and down.


Site views up and down.


Failed marketing attempts.


Successful marketing pays off.

You are putting in action.


When you spend too much time riding the tea cups, you don't get anywhere. So don't waste one more minute fretting over which decision to make. Just make one. See the results. Tweak. Repeat. Learn. Adjust.


Matthew Palmer is riding the roller coaster.


He emailed me a few weeks ago to share his incredible journey into tutoring.  Matthew made the giant decision to resign from teaching math full-time so he could pursue his graduate degree and tutoring career.  He began using the Tutor Coach's resources to get started and within a week he went from zero students to 3.  The same day he emailed me, he got an inquiry for 2 more!  DUDE, way to go!  I had to hear more about what else he was able to do with the information here on the site.  Here's his words about his phenomenal experience thus far.


“I found the Tutor Coach towards the beginning of summer 2016. I was in search of a how to do system or template for running a tutoring business. This was an effort to better manage the clients I had and to see how possible it would be for me to support myself off tutoring while in grad school full time.


After going through your website and reading your ebook I decided to make a website and put more into marketing myself. I realized that marketing is one of the most important parts of running any business (I think I got that from the video with your father in-law). The results have been good. I occasionally get compliments from friends, family and strangers about how professional my website is. Additionally, I feel a lot more confident in my ability to command income because of the information you’ve shared.Matthew Palmer - private tutor


I think the video with your father in law helped me the most because he shared so much information regarding running a business. Before watching that the whole idea was pretty intimidating for me.
I think one of things that I assumed is that your client base would be steady as long as you are doing a good job. Sometimes when you do a really good job you end up losing a client because of their improvement in the subject area/confidence etc – they don’t need you anymore. On the other hand, I have received referrals which make up for those who have graduated from me tutoring them which is good.”


Matthew shared that he isn't sure what the future of Turn UP Tutoring looks like.  He's taking it one day at a time as he works towards embracing the flexible schedule and influx of students.  If you'd like to check out all that Matthew has accomplished, check it him out on his website and Instagram.


Riding the Coaster


As for me?  I'm applying the same techniques I've taught you to my online tutor business.  My marketing efforts are slowly bringing me more website traffic.  I was pretty excited to get an email from my web server that I needed to upgrade so my site would continue to function.  Feels good.  People are coming!


After getting off the tea cups, I am buckling in for a new roller coaster ride and luckily–I've got a friend right next to me.


Thanks for being there with me while I scream and smile.


Don't go it alone!  Purchase my eBook to help you get on the roller coaster.  It will be fun.


(Somehow I feel like an older sibling dragging you onto the ride.  But really–business can be fun)

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