When you are starting out your tutoring business, you usually don't have the funds to go get a nice professional picture of yourself.  With just a few photography tips, you will be able to take a professional looking picture with your iPhone.

Let's look at my before picture.  Please note-I am totally guilty of doing pictures like this!  I bet a lot of us do just what we did for this picture.

Notice how half of me is in the shade, you can see my body, and not much of my friendly face.  Follow the tips below and you'll be taking awesome pictures before you know it!

Tip #1:  Lighting is Everything!

Do not do half and half lighting at all.  Try to go outside and be either in full shade or hit good times for light like 10 am or 4 pm.  (But that depends on the seasons too).  Do not face the sun!  This creates weird shadows.

Tip #2:  Zoom with Your Feet.

Whoever is taking the picture of you needs to get close to you!  Have them scoot forward so that you fill up most of the frame.  When you zoom with your feet, this helps you to have more pixels in the photo and allows you to do editing magic.

Tip #3:  Think about Your Background.

Just standing against a plain wall can make you look flat and blah.  Try standing in front of a weathered fence, brick wall, or something with a little dimension or texture to it.

Tip #4:  Keep Your Double Chins in Check.

Often when we take a picture straight on, we end up having a double chin or our chin line blends in.  Have the person taking it try being slightly above you and then look up at them.  Even though it may feel weird, also stick your neck out there like a turtle.

Tip #5:  Edit the Picture!

All good photographers edit their photos.  This can be easy with the online editor Pixlr Express.  They have so many great tools to make you look smoother, brighter, and more professional.  You can watch the editing tutorial at the end of this post to see how I edited my picture.  Best of luck in making yourself shine!


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