My family adores LEGO bricks and most of my students enjoy them too.  They can be a powerful learning tool as well.  This is going to be a 5 part post about using LEGO bricks to teach math concepts.

Make Your Own Portable Lego Organizer

This first post will be a DIY of how to make a travel size container of LEGO pieces to keep your tutoring space tidy and easy to take with you.  I was inspired by Grace over at Finley and Oliver.  She made a travel size tote for her kids Lego pieces.

The version I came up with is slightly different.  Instead of finding an amazing sliding top box like she did, I visited my favorite store-Target!

I  found a small plastic box with flip tabs on the sides.  About $2.99.


Next, I went and got Command double sided refills.  I wanted the ability to take off the LEGO plates if I didn't want to use them this way anymore.

Then I rummaged through my boys LEGO collection looking for the right pieces.  If you don't have LEGO pieces laying around, spend some time at second hand stores or visit garage sales.  I usually have success in those places.  If you have the means to buy what you want, you can go directly to the LEGO shop and buy just the right pieces.

Take the Command refill strips and peel off the backing.  Place it on the plastic lid.  Use several to keep the height of the LEGO plate even.  Then attach the Lego plate.

The Results!

You'll Need…


Flat LEGO Plates-find a size that fits on the lid

1 by 1
1 by 2
1 by 4
1 by 6
1 by 8
1 by 10

If possible try to get the same measurements in 2 wide.  Not sure what I mean?  Look at this picture below.  Any other pieces that you think will help your lessons.

The knobs on a LEGO brick are called a stud.  This is a 2 X 3 brick.  It's two studs wide and three studs long.

It's also fun to include a few LEGO Mini-figures and unconventional pieces and allow your student a few minutes to create something with the LEGO pieces.

Update!  Here are the direct links to all 5 parts of this series:

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