I am so excited to share with you my LEGO Summer Day Camp lesson plans. We never seem to tire of LEGO's here at our home. I created this summer day camp to do with my boys this summer. They had some input on what we did and I think the kids you know will love it too. If you have never thought of running a summer day camp, read more about it here.

Ultimate LEGO Build Challenge

Inside this awesome free resource, you'll find fun ideas that are readily found on the internet.  I took those ideas and compiled them into one fantastic summer day camp!  Some of the fun ideas we did was Ultimate LEGO Build Challenge. These are sprinkled throughout the lesson plans.  Learn more about the challenges here.

Build Challenge:  a daily occurrence at LEGO Day Camp
Make a pin ball board

Pin Ball Board

One day, you make a pin ball board with a partner.  This activity was so much fun!  It took my son a few minutes to get what I was talking about.  When he grasped the vision, he whipped one out in just a few minutes.  I can't take credit for this and many other great ideas!  Make sure to check out my LEGO pin board for more!

Lego Marble Maze

Another day, the lesson calls for making a marble maze.  This was my son's favorite, we did a little video so you can see how it works.  He even came up with a twisting contraption the marble goes through.  After the video, he played with it some more and created a tunnel for the marble to come through.

Free Summer Lego Day Camp Lesson Pack

This free summer day camp lesson pack includes 4 lesson plans so that you could have a one week long camp or stretch it out over two weeks.  Each day is about 2 hours long.  You can make the days longer if you wish.  This is a launching pad for your LEGO summer day camp, there are thousands of ideas out there for incorporating LEGO's into learning-add to these plans and make them your own.

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