Blair of One Lesson at a Time shared a fabulous independent thinker freebie checklist that helps students get to the root of what they really need help with.  With her permission, I've created a checklist for math students!  This checklist is appropriate for older grades and really intended for middle and high school students.

Checklist for Older Grade Math Students:

Checklist of Items Students Need to Find in the Test

Do you have students that are not so hot at taking tests?  Most often, students overlook details that can make all the difference in solving a math problem.  I created this checklist to remind students of items they need to find in the test.

If they get stuck on a question, they can refer to this checklist to help them analyze what the question is asking.  If after trying for several minutes to figure out what the question is asking, they can then ask their teacher for clarification.
Many of my students are bashful when it comes to asking for help.  This checklist will help them help themselves!

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