I thought I wrote about homework clinic on the blog sometime last year…turns out I only shared this idea with my Facebook fan page!  Silly me…maybe it is worth writing about?

Serving Students who only need Occasional Help

Last year, I had quite a few students that didn't technically need my services anymore.  I did get the occasional call before a big test to help them get the information straight before they went to class.  One night, I realized that there has to be more students just like these ones that only need occasional help vs consistent help.  I chatted to a few about the idea and then asked the parents.  Everyone loved it!  So Homework Clinic Wednesdays were born.

Open, Drop-In Tutoring Clinic

I set one entire afternoon to be open tutoring.  Students are free to come for help between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.  They also can stay the entire two hours or just for twenty minutes to get something cleared up.  Either way, it is $15 per hour.  I also limit the amount of students to 6 to prevent crowding and brain mush.

Homework Clinic does not work well for students who can not work independently.  When they come for open tutoring, they are expected to get to work.  I bounce between students helping them with little topics.  We whisper while we communicate so we don't distract others.  I haven't had this happen yet, but it would be awesome if one student brought some friends with them to get ready for a big test, but I haven't planted that idea in their heads yet either.

Maximize Time & Earnings

I am going to continue doing Homework Clinic and I hope that it continues to gain popularity.  It helps me maximize my time and earning potential.  Do you have any unique ideas for squeezing more students into your tutor schedule?

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