You know you could probably figure out how to tutor online, but you keep putting it off for one reason or another.  Every time you sit down to research where to begin on a tutoring platform, you start to fear those pesky tech gremlins lurking in the shadows.  You are well aware that you don't know…what you don't know.

You open an online tutoring program and see more little buttons than you don't know what to do with. So instead of jumping in and trying it, you decide to put it off for another day.

You think, “I'll try again when I've got more patience.”  But yet, the patience never seems to come.  The persistence needed doesn't set in.

Being Persistent in Practicing Online Tutoring Yields Results

Melissa Daniels knew that moving her tutoring talents online would be a great way to work with a population she already has experience with, students in the Middle East.  She began using her network overseas to assist her in finding students, but it was tough.  She realized she needed more help and that floundering around trying to do it herself wasn't helping.

“Before joining the Online Tutor System, I was just starting my online tutoring business. I had been a teacher in international schools for the past 13 years and wanted to start my own professional online tutoring business when I moved back to the United States. I had tutored on the side (after school hours) while teaching in Kuwait and decided to focus my business on international students in the Middle East.

I was networking with my overseas teaching connections to find clients but I knew that I needed some guidance to move forward in both marketing and the ins and outs of running my business.  That's when I found the Online Tutor System.”  

Melissa Daniels 2

When Melissa joined our class, she was all in.  She put the time in to practice with her partner so she could navigate different online tutoring platforms like Scribblar, a math whiteboard tool.  Each week she put in the work so she could prevent technical disasters with her students.  Melissa built her website smartly so she could expand it to include systems to lighten her load as a business owner.

“I have a much clearer vision for where my business is going and what steps I need to take in the future. For example, I learned about online schedulers and icloud invoicing during the Online Tutor System. Even though I am not ready to use these services yet in my business, I know what tools are available when my business starts growing and I have more administrative needs.”

Video Plays an Important Role on a Website

We were blown away with Melissa's action she took on the video module.  She followed each step precisely and the end result was a warm, welcoming video featuring her talents as a tutor.

“I knew that my website would need a video so that students could get a feel for my style and approach, especially since we are living in different parts of the world. I had put off creating a video because I didn’t know where to start. The module took me through the process step by step so it didn’t feel intimidating or overwhelming.”


Isn't that video so warm and welcoming?  Did you notice how Melissa had a clear idea of what she wanted to say?  She called her viewers to take action by signing up for a free consultation with her online.  You can view this video on her website she designed during our program at Score Smart Tutoring.

Melissa has a great start in her business, but she continues to keep it real.  She knows that no business is an overnight success.  There is much more work to be done, but the Online Tutor System has helped her maximize her time and clearly communicate her policies and contracts.

Creating Expectations for International Clients

She has started tutoring students in the Middle East and has made her fair share of mistakes, but they were minimized by her knowledge she learned while in the Online Tutor System.

“Having clear billing and cancellation policies is key.  I had to spend some time figuring out how to communicate these policies to students. I am learning to set important boundaries with respect to my hours and the tutoring work I am willing to take on.


All of my students in the Middle East use Whats App so it is now my go-to for quick communication with my students.  I have learned that I need to do more aggressive marketing at least until I have built a strong client base. I have accepted that in the beginning, I will need to devote many hours to marketing. With regard to tutoring itself, I am developing a real passion for helping students improve their scores in standardized tests. I think that this might be a valuable niche for me.”  

The future looks bright for Melissa and Score Smart Tutoring.  She continues to gain momentum and is gaining expertise at a rapid rate due to her continued use of the Online Tutor System and membership in the community.  How can you get the same results as Melissa in your business?  Try these.

4 Actions to Overcome Putting Off Using Tech in Your Business

1. Be Persistent

Melissa tirelessly puts in the hours to figure out how different technology works.  She is persistent in her practice of online tutoring.  You can do this by setting aside time to work on your business and not just in your business.  Set aside time outside of student face to face time to create that website you've been meaning to get to.  Set aside time to practice that online tutoring platform you've been meaning to try.  Persistence and setting aside small chunks of time to achieve these tasks will have a large impact.

In the Online Tutor System, you can get the support you need as you push through some of the resistance that sets in as you work on your business.  During our 11-week program, you'll have opportunities to get your most frustrating tech questions answered along with crafting a strategy to help your business not just become established, but flourish.

2. Practice Online Tutoring

Melissa attended online tutoring practice with her partner weekly.  She figured out the tech issues with her partner and learned how to take what she teaches in-person to an online experience.  In the Online Tutor System, we'll teach you how to take your unique tutoring style and replicate it in an online tutoring platform.  You'll confidently bring students in an online environment and make them feel safe as you work together.

3. Try the Scary

Making a video was definitely overwhelming, but Melissa knew that this was one way she could help her potential clients quiet some of their hesitations about working in an online environment.  Take a weekend and make a video for your website.  Use your smartphone or tablet.  That's what Melissa used to capture herself on camera and you can too.

Maybe being on camera doesn't worry you, but navigating the various online tutoring platforms out there does.  Whatever your hurdle is, commit to jump in.

4. Reach Out to Other Tutors

No tutor needs to do business by themselves.  Interacting with other tutors who are working towards a common goal was strategic to Melissa's success as well.  She reached out to other tutors and made efforts outside of class to get a better understanding of how to set herself apart and be more aggressive in her marketing.  During our coaching calls, we could count on Melissa showing up to ask great questions that had occurred during the week.

When you enroll in the Online Tutor System, you'll be part of a community for life.  That is one feature that we hear our members enjoy most.  They like being able to stay in touch and get access to all the updated materials over the years as technology changes and as the Online Tutor System changes.  An unexpected perk of being a member was the friendships that were forged through a computer.

Are you ready to take intentional action towards creating a business that serves you and your clients better?  Join us for the 11-week long, spring 2016 Online Tutor System.  Class begins on February 29, 2016!  Seats are limited.  The last day to reserve your seat is on February 21, 2016.

Come join the Online Tutor System family!


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