Mini-Course: Finding More Students

Welcome to my mini-course:  Finding More Students.  

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The easiest way to get started with tutoring is to actively pursue students.  I’ve got 5 proven methods of finding students, fast.  Let's jump right in!


Craigslist and Kijiji are free web based classifieds. You can look for your local city and post a free ad. This strategy has always surprised me with its effectiveness time and again. Many tutors across the United States and in other countries have used it to help them connect with new students rapidly. Not only is it free, but it’s fairly simple to stand out from other listings.

But let’s not kid ourselves, you do have to be smart in two ways when using these free sites. The first one being, don’t agree to tutor anyone in their home the first session. Always opt for a public location. You’d be surprised that the student is probably just as nervous as you to meet in a private location. Always be firm in this request and you’ll be well on your way to building a relationship built on trust.

Also be on the lookout for scammers. As a community, we’ve noticed that there commonly is a request for a boy named Kenneth or Chad from Singapore coming to your city that needs help with tutoring. This is a scammer who is only interested in talking about money. If you received any kind of inquiry like this, just ignore it.

The second way you’ve got to be smart is paying close attention to how your posting looks! Take time drafting this classified. If you follow my formula for creating a posting, you’ll have students in no time. You can find the formula over at the blog.

5 Tips to Standing Out on Craigslist


There are many tutor listing sites available for you to create a tutor profile on, but how do you know which ones to select? One of the best ways to decide is to do a search in your area or the city you’d like to tutor most in.

For example, search for “math tutor London” if you are attempting to work in a different time zone. Do this search in an incognito window as some browsers track where you are browsing on the internet, which can affect your search.

Make note of any listing sites that show up on the first page. For an example, I did this for London math tutors and found sites like: (Canadian Craigslist with London page for tutors)
These are the listing sites you would want to list your services on first because they have done a good job with showing up in search results. There are many tutor listing sites options out there, so I’ll only mention a few. Doing your own search will yield better options for you.

Tutor Matching Service
Owl Tutors


Facebook can be a great place to find new students, but figuring out where to start can seem daunting. How do you create a page? What do you post? Why does it seem like no one is seeing your posts? How can you use Facebook to get your business moving in the right direction?

While Facebook has many paid options to find new students, the ideas that I am sharing are all free and have been very effective. Did you know that there are thousands of communities on Facebook that support parents?

One tutor I know, Catie figured this out and joined a local parent group in Australia. She joined the group and helped answer questions. After being a contributing member for a week or two, she decided to post and share that she was a tutor. At the end of two weeks, she had all her tutor slots filled. Isn’t that powerful?

Learn all about Facebook Marketing for Tutors. Be sure to download the free guide below the video.


Next Door is a private social network for your neighborhood.  Tutors have been using it to connect with potential clients right within their area.  Amanda Schuster of Cherry Creek Village Tutoring got two inquiries after just two days of posting.  


This is one of my favorite tips to share with tutors. It’s probably not even that surprising, but I am always impressed with how much my website works for me 24/7. I realize that building a website is not simple in the least bit and usually not something you could accomplish in an afternoon. I’ve watched countless tutors skyrocket their business when they take the time to build a professional website.

Having a website not only helps you serve your current and potential students better, but it gives you the fighting chance to be found in web search results. Next to asking friends where to find a tutor, many people start their search with the internet!

I noticed a huge shift in my business when I made the choice to build a website using WordPress. It used to be that all of my inquiries came from referrals and a district tutor directory. After my website went live, the inquiry shifted. People were finding me on local searches and reflected back exactly what I was trying to portray on my website, “I mean business. I take tutoring seriously.”

One tutor that put action to my call for tutors to create professional tutoring websites was Natalie Mangrum. She shared with me that her website has been key to filling up her tutor schedule and expanding her business to include independent contractors.

Be sure to head over to the blog and read Natalie’s inspiring story. She continually keeps growing and taking action in her business.

Natalie Mangrum’s Case Study

I hope these five different strategies will help you find more students. Give them a try and let me know how they go! I’ll check in with you via email in a few days to see how implementing these strategies are going.


-Til next time tutor friend!