Module 1 – The Basics

As you complete each step, check the box to help you measure your progress.


Step 1: Online Tutoring – Comparison Tool

Estimated time to complete: 15 min.
I have provided a comparison chart to help you get to know each online tutoring platform we will explore during this course. Use the chart to guide your exploration and use the scale to assess each row descriptor. Don’t forget to track any additional details in the notes section that affected your experience with the tool. These notes and your scores will help you to wisely choose the best platform for your tutoring business.

Add the Comparison Tool to Your Drive Here

Step 2: Explore AWWAPP/GoBoard Independently

Estimated time to complete: 20 min.

Before you can use an online tutoring platform with a client, you need to know how it works! This week we will learn how to use two different online whiteboards:

AWWAPP (A Web Whiteboard)

AWWAPP has a lot of features available for free, but has additional functionality for $10 per month.


GoBoard is free and doesn’t require an account. You can simply go to their home page and select the blue create a new GoBoard button to get started.

How to Explore Each Online Platform

Each of us has our own learning style and here is your chance to use it!

To begin exploring each platform, select the path below that best fits your needs:

Path 1:  If you prefer the hands-on approach to learning, jump into each platform and explore on your own without guidance. Set aside 20 minutes for each platform (Twiddla and GoBoard) and try out each tool through the online whiteboards listed above. Don’t forget to fill in your Comparison Tool as you explore.

Path 2:  If you prefer learning by watching, you can do that too! Watch someone else demonstrate how to use each online whiteboard before trying it out for yourself. Here are some resources to help you get started:

AWWAPP: YouTube is widely used to share how-to videos. I did a quick search to help you get started using AWWAPP. Browse the official AWWAPP channel to view tutorials and explore other suggested videos.  This company just recently did a redesign of their software.  Some of the videos may not match what you see, but the functionality is still the same.

GoBoard: GoBoard is fairly new to the online whiteboard market and very intuitive to use. To learn more about the GoBoard’s functionality, go to the GoBoard website listed above and select the gray Learn More button. Watch the 2 ½ minute video introduction on the GoBoard’s functionality before trying it out for yourself.

Remember, you can always switch paths or try both paths! It is up to you. Don’t forget to fill in your Comparison Tool as you explore.

Step 3: Plan a 5-10 Minute Online Lesson

Estimated time to complete: 30 min.
 1.  Choose one key strategy of your tutoring business.

What is a strategy you use most with your tutoring clients? Do you review homework, play educational games, teach a new concept, complete a worksheet, etc.?

Select one of these strategies to teach your partner (playing the client role) a concept you choose.

For example, I would look at a lesson I recently delivered and pick a strategy I used. I would then try to implement this strategy online with modifications if necessary.

2.   Choose an online whiteboard (AWWAPP or GoBoard) to use with your partner.

Now that you have explored each online whiteboard and selected a strategy, use your notes and scores on the Comparison Tool to choose between Twiddla and GoBoard. You will use the platform you choose to deliver your very first online lesson. Choose the platform that will work best with the strategy you have chosen.

3.   Create a 5 – 10 minute lesson.

Create a 5 – 10 minute lesson to implement your chosen strategy with your partner. While creating your lesson consider the following questions:

      • Which online whiteboard tools will you need to accomplish this strategy?
      • What will your partner (playing the client role) need to know about the online whiteboard to learn from your strategy? How will you teach your partner (playing the client role) the tools they need to accomplish your learning goal for the session?
      • Will you have to modify your strategy to make it work in the online environment?

*Use the provided Online Practice Plan and Reflect to help organize your thoughts.*  

Add the Practice Plan and Reflect Sheet to your Google Drive here.

Step 4:  Create an Online Tutoring Invitation

Estimated time to complete: 15 min.
Now that you have a lesson created, you will need to invite your partner to join you in the chosen online environment. Create an online tutoring invitation inside of your Google Drive with a Google Doc, then tag Adrianne and Angela to view it.

Click on the red “NEW” button to the left. Select “Google Docs”.

  • This invitation should be brief, easy to understand, and should include any directions needed to login.
  • Remember, your client (In this case, your partner), has never met with you online before.
  • Share a list of any equipment your client will need to be successful in your online classroom.
  • If you need your client (In this case, your partner) to share any information with you prior to the session, give specific directions on how to do it.

Do you want to see an example? Refer to my example here.

Share this invitation with your partner to invite them online. Click on the blue share button in the upper right-hand corner. Then click on the words in the upper right-hand corner, “Get Shareable Link”. This auto copies to your clipboard. Now you can paste it into an email message or into your partner practice post.  (see next step)

Step 5: Connect with a Partner

Estimated time to complete: 10 min.
Use your newly created invitation to ask someone from our Google Plus community to practice with you.  Click the share button in the upper right-hand corner of your document.  Grab the shareable link.  Head over to the community and post a request to practice at a time that works for you.

Don't be surprised if a previous OTS student accepts your invite to practice.  Many of our alums are looking for more opportunities to practice as well.

Step 6:  Deliver Your 5-10 min. Online Lesson

Estimated time to complete: 1 Hour
Now it is go time! You are going to practice delivering your lesson with your partner.

It is important to remember, both the client and tutor roles during this process are important. As a tutor, you will practice delivering a lesson online. As a client, you will experience the platform from a client’s perspective. Pay attention to each experience and use what you learn to better guide your future lessons online.

  • Make sure you and your partner have an agreed upon time to meet online. Decide who will deliver the first lesson.
  • Both tutors should send their invitation prior to the lesson.
  • The first client should follow the directions in the invitation to join the first tutor’s online whiteboard at the agreed upon time.
  • At the end of the first lesson, discuss the reflective questions listed at the bottom of this section and take notes.
  • Once you have reflected on the first lesson, the second client should follow the directions in the invitation to join the second tutor’s online whiteboard.
  • At the end of the second lesson, discuss the reflective questions listed at the bottom of this section and take notes.

Reflective Questions to Discuss with Your Partner

  1. Did your online invitation work smoothly? What changes would you make for future invites? Why?
  2. Did your lesson go as you planned? What changes would you make for future lessons?
  3. Did your strategy work?
  4. Do you have any questions about how to make your lesson or strategy go better?


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