Module 3 – Exploring Tutoring Styles with Digital Tools

As you complete each step, check the box to help you measure your progress.


Step 1: Explore Scribblar Independently

Estimated time to complete: 15 min.

Before you can use an online tutoring platform with a client, you need to know how it works! This week we will learn how to use Scribblar which is an online whiteboard tool.


Scribblar is an online whiteboard which you pay for monthly or yearly. Your choice. You can try it out for free for 14 days. Just click on the green start your free trial button located on the website.

You may wonder why you would pay when you can use other platforms for free. Many people appreciate the ability to set up multiple rooms with passwords to work with students. Others just like the tools better. Try it out for yourself and decide.

How to Explore Each Online Platform

Each of us have our own learning style and here is your chance to use it!

To begin exploring Scribblar, select the path below that best fits your needs:

Path 1:  If you prefer the hands on approach to learning, jump into Scribblar and explore on your own without guidance. Set aside 20 minutes and try out each tool included within Scribblar. Don’t forget to fill in your Comparison Tool as you explore.

Path 2:  If you prefer to learn by reading step by step, you can do that too! Read the steps provided by Scribblar before trying it out for yourself. Here are some resources to help you get started:

Support Page – This page contains many frequently asked questions about Scribblar and it’s tools.

Scribblar Demo Video – This page shows you how to use the various tools inside of Scribblar

Other Videos – Interested in seeing how others use Scribblar? Check out these videos.

Scribblar Manual – This manual walks you through some of the features and vocabulary of the Scribblar platform.

Remember, you can always switch paths or try both paths! It is up to you. Don’t forget to fill in your Comparison Tool as you explore.

Step 2: Reflect – Online Whiteboards

Estimated time to complete: 15 min.
Scribblar is the 3rd online whiteboard we will explore as a group.

Please take a few minutes to reflect on your use of online whiteboards.

Step 3: Tutoring Styles

Estimated time to complete: 30 min.

We’ve identified four different styles of tutors.  There is no one correct way to tutor.  Each style has it’s benefits and drawbacks.  More than likely, we do a blend of several types of tutoring depending on the topic or client we are tutoring.

Reflect on these questions to help you select a style:

  • What types of activities are you drawn to when you are planning for your students?  
  • How much talking are you doing versus listening?  
  • Do you like to lead students to discovery through exploration?
  • Are you turning to games to help reinforce concepts you’ve taught?
  • Do you assign practice for your students?

Select a Tutor Style

Read the article Tutoring Styles here.

 If you are like us, you may fit into more than one of the descriptors. Don’t get too caught up in selecting just one style. The importance of this activity is to give you new tools to try out for different styles of tutoring. You may want to select a tool from the style that best fits with the lesson you are planning this week.

Select a New Tool

Explore Your Tutoring Styles with these Tools Here

Select a new tool from the lists inside of the above folder  to implement during your practice tutoring session this week. Of course, we have only provided a few examples. If you know of a tool that fits the style and isn’t listed, let us know and use it. We can’t possibly list all of them, but we want to share enough examples to get you started.

Step 4: Sample Tutoring Video

Estimated time to complete: 15 min.
Adrianne created a sample online tutoring video for you to watch. She is tutoring her son in reading. Keep in mind that the point of the video is to provide you an example of how an online tutoring session can go. The content, reading, is not the emphasis.

Keep your eyes open for the following:

  1. Tutoring Style – Which tutoring styles and tools did she use? Could you use those tools in one of your own tutoring sessions? Can these tools be applied to the content you tutor?
  2. Technical difficulties – Notice how she handled any difficulties that arose. Could you apply those same strategies in your own lesson if needed?  Would you have tried any other strategies?
  3. Multiple platforms via one platform – Have you considered using a screen share tool to allow access to multiple tools? Adrianne gave a great example of using as the main platform but also used goboard.

Step 5: Plan a 5-10 Minute Online Lesson

Estimated time to complete: 30 min.
Create a 5 – 10 minute lesson.

Create a 5 – 10 minute lesson using Scribblar.  Don’t forget to use this opportunity to try out a new tool from step 3. Also, consider using more than one platform. You will see an example of this in Adrianne’s sample tutoring video in step 4.

Download Plan and Reflect sheet here.

Step 6: Improve Your Online Tutoring Invitation

Estimated time to complete: 15 min.
Now that you have a lesson created, you will need to invite your partner to join you in the chosen online environment.  

Remember, this is an opportunity to improve upon last week’s invitation. Since we are using a different platform, your directions will need modified.

Edit your original invitation you created inside of Google Docs as needed. Tag Adrianne and Angela if you have any questions.

  • This invitation should be brief, easy to understand, and should include any directions needed to login.
  • Remember, your client (In this case, your partner), has never met with you online before.
  • Share a list of any equipment your client will need to be successful in your online classroom.
  • If you need your client (In this case, your partner), to share any information with you prior to the session, give specific directions on how to do it.

Step 7: Deliver Your 5-10 min. Online Lesson

Estimated time to complete: 1 Hour
Now it is go time! You are going to practice delivering your lesson with a partner.  Head over to the community to write a post with your invitation and a time or find another tutor requesting a partner.

It is important to remember, both the client and tutor roles during this process are important. As a tutor, you will practice delivering a lesson online. As a client, you will experience the platform from a client’s perspective. Pay attention to each experience and use what you learn to better guide your future lessons online.

  • Make sure you and your partner have an agreed upon time to meet online. Decide who will deliver the first lesson.
  • Both tutors should send their invitation prior to the lesson.
  • The first client should follow the directions in the invitation to join the first tutor’s Google Hangout at the agreed upon time.
  • At the end of the first lesson, discuss the reflective questions listed at the bottom of this section and take notes.
  • Once you have reflected on the first lesson, the second client should follow the directions in the invitation to join the second tutor’s Google Hangout.
  • At the end of the second lesson, discuss the reflective questions listed at the bottom of this section and take notes.

Reflective Questions to Discuss with Your Partner

  1. Did your online invitation work smoothly? What changes would you make for future invites? Why?
  2. Did you experience any technical difficulties? How will you prevent or manage them in the future?
  3. Were you able to include more than one platform (screen share and whiteboard)? How did it go? What questions do you have?
  4. Did your lesson go as you planned? What changes would you make for future lessons?
  5. Do you have any questions about how to make your lesson go better?
Optional:  Watch bonus video from Lincoln at Whizzimo.  Take a tour of all the tools Whizzimo has for tutoring reading.


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