Module 5 – Video Marketing

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Step 1: Explore WizIQ Independently

Estimated time to complete: 15 min.

Before you can start using an online tutoring platform with a client, you need to know how it works!  This week we’ll be working with WizIQ which is the mega platform of online tutoring.  


Not only can you do live online tutoring, but you also could offer on-demand courses so your clients can learn when it’s convenient for them.  WizIQ offers plugins to work with your website, blackboard tools, and even recording of sessions.

We won’t be exploring all of WizIQ’s features, but will be focusing on the virtual classroom software.  Go get your free 30-day trial of the virtual classroom here.

How to Explore WizIQ Platform

Path 1:  If you prefer the hands on approach to learning, jump into WizIQ after signing up for your trial and explore on your own without guidance.  Select “Schedule a Live Class.” Set aside 20 minutes and try out each tool included within the WizIQ live classroom.

Path 2: If you prefer to learn by watching or reading, consider selecting the “schedule a demo” in your introductory email from WizIQ once you have set up a trial account. One of their representatives will show you around and demo the product with you.  

You can also try out the materials provided by WizIQ before trying it out for yourself. Here are some resources to help you get started:

Videos:  WizIQ has its own YouTube channel with many tutorials to show you visually how to navigate the site.

Support:  Get directions on how troubleshooting, starting a classroom, working with audio/video, and even creating courses.

Don’t forget to fill in your comparison tool while exploring WizIQ.


Step 2: Video Marketing

Estimated time to complete: 45 min.
Video is a great way to tell a story and build trust with potential clients.  The very nature of online tutoring pretty much points to video as a key marketing element in your business.  Did you just squirm a little in your seat?  

I know that getting in front of camera can make you uncomfortable, but the rewards are worth it.  Watch the video tutorial and read the article I wrote about video creation.  By the end of this module, you’ll have a finished video that makes you shine!

Read Video Marketing here.

Part of making a video successful is making a solid plan.  I'll walk you through step-by-step of creating your first ever video script for you to use.  Get started with the script here.


Step 3: Plan a 5-10 Minute Online Lesson

Estimated time to complete: 30 min.
Create a 5 – 10 minute lesson.

Create a 5 – 10 minute lesson using WizIQ.  

Download your Plan and Reflect sheet here.


Step 4: Improve Your Online Tutoring Invitation

Estimated time to complete: 15 min.
Remember, every new online tutoring session may require a different invitation to join.  You may be using a different software or the link to the online classroom may change. In addition, you can provide tech help that will prevent any difficulties that may have occurred in previous sessions.

Many of you have asked about how to share the link for your tutoring session. Your invitation is meant to share the link along with any other information you think the client should know or do prior to your tutoring session. The link makes joining the session easier. The student won’t have to type it into their URL bar. They can simply click on the link and join the session.

Step 5: Deliver Your 5-10 min. Online Lesson

Estimated time to complete: 1 Hour
Now that you have a lesson created, you will need to invite a partner to join you in the chosen online environment. Use the Google Plus community to post a link to your invitation. Feel free to use the Doodle scheduler to tag tutors in your post to invite them to your session. Or if you see another tutor requesting a time that works for you, comment and join with them to take turns practicing your lessons.

It is important to remember, both the client and tutor roles during this process are important. As a tutor, you will practice delivering a lesson online. As a client, you will experience the platform from a client’s perspective. Pay attention to each experience and use what you learn to better guide your future lessons online.

  • Make sure you and your partner have an agreed upon time to meet online. Decide who will deliver the first lesson.
  • Both tutors should send their invitation prior to the lesson.
  • The first client should follow the directions in the invitation to join the first tutor’s online classroom at the agreed upon time.
  • At the end of the first lesson, discuss the reflective questions listed at the bottom of this section and take notes.
  • Once you have reflected on the first lesson, the second client should follow the directions in the invitation to join the second tutor’s online classroom.
  • At the end of the second lesson, discuss the reflective questions listed at the bottom of this section and take notes.

Reflective Questions to Discuss with Your Partner

  1. Did your online invitation work smoothly? What changes would you make for future invites? Why?
  2. Did you experience any technical difficulties? How will you prevent or manage them in the future?
  3. Were you able to include more than one platform (screen share and whiteboard)? How did it go? What questions do you have?
  4. Did your lesson go as you planned? What changes would you make for future lessons?
  5. Do you have any questions about how to make your lesson go better?


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