Module 7 – Finding Students

As you complete each step, check the box to help you measure your progress.


Step 1: Working with Your Online Tutoring Platform

Estimated time to complete: 1.5 Hours

Last week, we asked you to narrow down your online tutoring platform choices to two.  This week, we want you to explore more within one of the platforms.  Try new tools within your platform.  Attempt to replicate something that you have done in an in-person tutoring session in your platform.

Replicate In-Person Tutoring in an Online Session

I like working with Let’s Go Learn Assessments with my in-person tutoring sessions.  When I do an assessment, the client comes to my office and takes the assessment even though it is an online test.  As they are working, I make notes of different things going on with the client.  

  • Are they taking lots of big breaths?
  • Are their shoulders creeping up towards their ears as they work on certain problems?
  • Are they choosing to guess?
  • Are math facts an issue?
  • How are their thoughts organized on the whiteboard?
  • How do they feel about assessments?
  • What do they think about the subject they are coming to tutoring for?

If I am working with a reading student, I gather a writing sample and do a running record in addition to the Let’s Go Learn DORA sample.  

Make a Plan

How can I take what I do in-person and apply it to an online learning environment?  In a table down below, I am going to write in-person steps in one column and online options in the adjacent column.

Reading Assessment

In-Person Online Solutions
Test Administration

  • Online software and in office
  • Pencil and paper
  • Online via screen sharing inside of Join Me so the child can use mouse control
  • Google Docs to record student writing using the draw tool
Physical Signs

  • Big breaths
  • Shoulders creeping up towards ears
  • Guessing
  • Use audio to listen for big breaths or hesitation
  • Use video to watch the child as they learn
  • Ask parent for input about how they physically hold their body while working
Writing Sample

  • Paper pencil
  • Google Docs to record student writing using the draw tool OR have parents send in a writing sample
Running Record

  • Print running record story from Let’s Go Learn
  • Use PDF with screen share and increase font size to make it easy to read.  On my end, have a printed copy to score the running record.


Try Out Sample Plan

After you’ve made a general plan of how you’ll make this work in an online session, give it a try with your partner.  Share with us in the community how it goes!


Step 2: Finding Clients

Estimated time to complete: 1 Hour

Finding clients is one of the top concerns of all of our fellow OTS members.  As it should be!  We all want full tutor schedules.  But the methods you use to find online students can feel confusing. You may have assumed it will be starkly different than in-person tutoring. The truth is that a lot of what methods you use to get students in-person works for online tutoring as well.

Let’s explore how you can find your own unique way of finding new students.  Start by reading my detailed article 7b.  Finding Clients.  After you read the article, we want you to set the marketing ball in motion by picking a goal to work on this week.

Pick a goal for this week:

  1. List your profile on 3-5 tutor listing sites
  2. Write a post for Craigslist and publish it
  3. Create an email to send out to all current and past clients announcing your online tutoring services



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