I've never been a big fan of resolutions.  Maybe it's because I typically will set goals for myself and work to achieve them (except for when it comes to drinking Coca-Cola).  I can't seem to kick that one!  I wanted to set some goals for The Tutor House to help me stay on track and most importantly—help you!

My guiding principle here at The Tutor House:

I want to provide hope to tutors 
by providing timely advice 
and creative teaching ideas.

My resolutions for this year:

1.  Help at least 1,000 Tutors 

Somehow I want to install a ticker to help me measure this one…so that if you found something helpful here on the site, you could just click a button to let me know I've helped you in some way—anyone know a great programmer?  Ha ha…

2.   Start a Semi-Annual Private Tutor Conference

As you know, I consider myself a novice tutor.  I run a tutor business, but my way of running a business is not the end all be all when it comes to the nuts n' bolts.  I love highlighting other tutors and letting them share how they do it too.  You all are a bunch of really talented people!  My goal with the tutor conference is to share more information that caters to the private tutor, not a franchised tutor business.  There are little nuances when running your own tutor business that come up that franchised tutor businesses do not deal with.

3.  Hangout More with All of You!

I recently did a Google Hangout with Victoria of TheTutoress and oh man–we had fun!  It was a great event.  I would love to just hangout and talk face to face about tutoring with all of you.  My hope is this would be a little more laid back than the conference I was talking about above.

4.  User Friendly Site

I have DIY'ed a lot of my site. You can definitely tell because it runs so slowly and at times isn't organized very well.  I have to put out some serious cash to get a really good web design, but I know it will be worth it because you'll be able to find things to help you run your tutor business easier.

I am also linking up with Denise of Sunny Days today to share my one word that defines me:  Productive.  I want to be productive this year in big ways (as you can see above).  I have a tendency to just give and give which leaves my personal projects in a lurch.  I am slamming on the brakes to refocus on being productive for myself.


What about you? 
What's Your One Word?
Do you have any goals for your tutor business 
or yourself this year?
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