Welcome to The Tutor Coach Resources section for online tutoring. Are you ready to take your tutor business online? Here, you will find a comprehensive list of tools and websites I highly recommend to help you navigate the tech-side of online tutoring, even if you are a beginner to the online world.

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I have tested every recommendation on this page. Many of these resources I use today in my own tutor business and or were crucial in the development and success of The Tutor Coach. Although some of these contain affiliate links, I stand 100% behind these brands and know you will love them as much as I do.

My Top Recommended Resources

Profitable Tutor Framework

The Profitable Tutor Framework is an online course and business in a box, tailored to your specific needs as a tutor.

Online Tutor System

Get the step-by-step instruction and tools you need to take your tutor business online, no matter how techy (or non-techy) you are.

Tutor Tracker App

The Tutor Tracker App is the only app designed for tutors, by tutors. Are you ready to stop dreading the business side of tutoring?  This app will change your life!


Scribblar is an online collaboration and whiteboard tool that is perfect for online tutoring.


Whizzimo is an online reading tool that is great for both online and in-person tutoring.

Let's Go Learn

Let's Go Learn is an online assessment and supplemental instruction tool that is invaluable for a tutor business.


Elegant Themes with Divi Builder

Elegant Themes offers many functional, responsive themes that can help you create your own website like a pro. The Divi Builder Plugin is a stand-alone drag & drop page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme and will take your website design to the next level.

Convert Kit

Convert Kit is the email marketing tool you've been looking for. They offer many incredible features that will turn your email list into a converting machine.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a life-changing scheduling software. Automate your tutor appointments, cancellations and reminders.

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Choosing a Focus for Your Tutor Business

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/_EMZe2j5bbI" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> This video is about choosing a focus for your tutor...

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Guest post by: Karla Rodriguez Business Management Software for Education Companies. The demand for private tutoring continues to grow; this represents a great opportunity for tutoring companies focusing on the key elements that drive success to their business....

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Running a Tutor Business Can Be Intimidating

Riding the tea cups makes me want to....vomit. There I said it. Tea cups are one of the worst rides and I find that I have been getting those woozy feelings often this past year as I work on my new online tutoring business, Math for Middles. I worry and stress. Chase...

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Build a Tutoring Website with WordPress

Today I am welcoming Jared Rand of Knowledge Roundtable to share more with us about building a website on WordPress.  Jared has a really unique looking website that is streamlined and clear as to what he wants users to do.  Read this and be sure to check him out....

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Schedule Tetris

It’s a busy tutoring afternoon and you check your email right before your first student only to be smacked in the face with an expert game of Schedule Tetris with a parent.  The following question was posted inside of the Just for Tutors Facebook group (accessible...

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Settling Into Retirement: A Case Study

One of the things I enjoy most about writing here on the Tutor Coach is that I get to interact with people from all sorts of backgrounds and beginnings.  Kim Schwartz is one of those multi-talented tutors that I've enjoyed getting to know over the past few years....

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Stagger Sessions: Maximizing Tutor Time

Elizabeth, a member of Just for Tutors, shared a schedule technique she uses to help her maximize her time working with her students.  Her schedule is always full and this allows her to serve more students. Maximizing Tutor Time This method is called the "Stagger...

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Time Saving Tip – Email Templates

Email Templates Do you find yourself writing the same email over and over again? I know I do, so I thought I would share a time-saving tip with you, my fellow tutors. I send the following types of emails to clients on a regular basis: Welcome email with login details...

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One Book and a Whole Lot of Action! A Case Study

It doesn't matter how you came to be a tutor, whether you just fell into it or intentionally set out to be a tutor, your business will grow slowly unless you do one thing.  Take Action!  When I first started tutoring, I timidly put myself out there.  I made a little...

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Updated:  Sept. 12, 2015 (read the story...then the update at the bottom) If you missed me sharing about that one decision staring me down, you may want to read about it before you read below.  This summer has been totally crazy, even though I tried to prevent the...

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The decision staring me down this year

This upcoming school year is going to cause some mega change in our household.  I am the mother of three boys and my oldest is going to middle school and my baby is going to first grade.  For the first time ever, all of my kids will be gone all day.  In all honesty, I...

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3 Simple Things Tutors Can Do to Thrive

  Have you ever had a day filled to the brim with students, rarely had time to eat or take care of yourself, or spend time with your loved ones, then at the end of the day you find yourself totally drained? I know I have.  Way more often than I care to admit. But...

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4 Things All Tutors Want

We all tutor for various reasons.  Maybe you are tutoring because you need a little extra cash.  Perhaps you are tutoring while looking for a full-time teaching job.  I wonder if you are tutoring because you were recently laid off or decided to retire but want more...

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Why it Pays to Raise Your Rate

A few years back, I raised my rate for all of my students across the board.  It didn't matter if they had been with me for a long time or not.  I realized that I wasn't getting paid what I was worth.  And then it happened.   Fear set in about losing students.  I spent...

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AT020: Where Do I Get a Background Check?

  How does a parent know that I've had a background check? Our question comes from John. His question is: I just watched one of your youtube videos about how to start a tutoring business. You mention the need to get a background check. After I have a background...

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AT019: What Do I Blog About in a Saturated Market?

  How to Blog (originally) About Your Tutoring Business Our question comes from Ericka. Her question is: I am interested in blogging about my tutoring business (preferably reading and math) but notice that there are already so many articles and videos out there....

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AT018: Do I Need Liability Insurance for Tutoring?

  Do Tutors Need Liability Insurance? Our question comes from Lynn Sadlowski. Her question is: Do you or anyone out there have professional liability insurance? I will have my tutors - independent contractors - go into clients' homes and I wonder what insurance...

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Tutor Tracker App is Here!

  Tutor Tracker has finally arrived!  Are you ready to stop dreading the business side of tutoring?  This app will change your life!  It's time to stop dreading and start living your life to the fullest.  Learn more about the app here. Buy Here. / The Story of...

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AT 012: Choosing Your Proper Business Entity

  Setting Up Proper Business Entities Such a treat today!  I am sharing my number one video on You Tube with you in a different format.  This audio file is of my father in-law and I discussing setting up proper business entities.  We'll talk about the details you...

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AT 011: How do I escape chatty parents?

Setting Appropriate Boundaries for Yourself AND Your Clients Today's question is close to my heart!  I've been in Shavonta's same shoes.  She wants to know more about setting some appropriate boundaries for herself and her clients.  Do you deal with chatty parents...

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AT 010: How do I know if I chose the right tutor rate?

Have You Ever Wondered if You Chose the Wrong Tutor Rate? Have you ever wondered if you chose the wrong tutor rate?  You're not alone. Danielle Khlar submitted this question, "I just started a tutoring business. I have a background in education and work for the local...

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Diversify Your Tutor Income

Ideas to Diversify or Supplement your Tutor Income With the end of the school year approaching, many tutors begin to wonder what they can do to cushion their income.  These ideas not only work during the summer months, but also throughout the entire year.  The ideas...

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Getting Organized for New Students: Info and Policies

I'm taking you behind the scenes of how I get ready for a new student to come for tutoring.  This post is part of series where we'll discuss what I refer to as my new student intake process.  I think you'll find the process interesting and I keep it under 10  minutes...

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AT 005: How Do I Group Students?

Grouping Students for Tutoring Hello tutor friends!  Today's question comes from Vicki Gardner about how to group students for tutoring.  We cover a lot of ideas and Vicki has been presented with a really interesting opportunity. Resources I Refer to During the...

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Sneak Peek Inside Their Tutor Spaces

Ever Wondered What Tutoring Looks Like for Others? Most of us know what classrooms look like. We've worked in them ourselves, we've seen them on TV.  But what do our working spaces look like when we decide to work as a tutor?  If you've ever wanted to sneak a peek...

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AT 003: How Do You Keep Within Your Tutor Session Time?

Hey all!  Today marks a new direction that I am taking Ask the Tutor.  I decided that shooting a video each week was going to be the death of me!  It is so much work.  I decided to give podcasting a try.  Getting it set up was more tricky than I wanted it to be, but I...

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A Surprising Interaction with Owl Tutors (a listing site)

Have you been looking for an alternative to Wyzant? What's the one complaint you've heard about Wyzant? I know that many of you get frustrated that they take such a large percentage of your tutor hourly rate each time you find a student, however their system works....

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AT 0002: How Do I Find Space to Tutor in My Home?

How to Make it Work in Your Home - Video and Podcast Are you tutoring in your home?  I have tutored in my home since the very beginning.  Today's question comes from Wanda.  She wants to know how to make it work in her home!  Watch the video below where I'll share...

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AT 0001: How Do You Balance Family Life with Tutoring?

Finding Balance Welcome to the first edition of Ask the Tutor!  Cara Schelling sent in this great question about finding balance between family life and tutoring - something I am always working on myself. You may have noticed that there is a podcast option right...

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Tutor Website Inspiration: A Virtual Tutor Field Trip!

  As a child, I just loved field trips!  It was fun to get away and be in a different environment.  Well, today I am taking you on a little virtual field trip!  We are going to get some tutor website inspiration.  As you browse through the websites below, pay...

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Dreaming of Teaching

Have you always wanted to be a teacher? Did you play "teacher" as a child with your friends? Did you find your passion for teaching later in life? It has been hard for teachers to find work within the school system. You don't have to give up your dream of being a...

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The Ultimate Tutor Giveaway!

  Let the giveaway begin!!   NOTE:  To win the Wacom tablet, you must live within the continental United States.   Grand Prize #1 Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet Medium See Prize Details Here  a Rafflecopter giveaway Grand Prize #2  Tutors Nirvana 6 Month Subscription...

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Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corps…Oh My!

Lots of questions have been coming in about whether to be a sole proprietor, LLC, or S-Corp.  I decided to invite my father in-law to chat with me about this topic with all of you!  My father in-law, Jim has a lot of great business experience.  He ran his own business...

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Get Your Tutor Business in Order for the New Year

Keep Good Records to Make Tax Time Hassle-Free With the new year upon us, it's time to think about the financial side of your tutor business.  It's important to keep good records throughout the year so that when tax time rolls around, you can get ready to write Uncle...

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When to Let a Tutor Student Go

I recently participated in a conversation about a specific problem a tutor was having with her current high school student.  She graciously has given me permission to share her situation to help illustrate what she and many other tutors are experiencing. "I'm tutoring...

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A Tutor Library with Variety

It's important to have a wide variety of reading material when you are a tutor. I like to keep magazines, newspapers, and ebooks among my other books. This can get costly however, I wanted to show you some of the free resources and cheaper choices I've come across....

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About Adrianne Meldrum

Adrianne Meldrum is a private tutor and coach for tutors looking to turn tutoring into the career of their dreams.  You'll find the tools needed to get started using her digital toolbox, Profitable Tutor Framework.  She's the author of The Novice Tutor and the creator of the app Tutor Tracker.

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