Now I feel confident that I am capable of tutoring online and being successful.

Before I joined the Online Tutor System, I was floundering around trying to figure out how to get my tutor business up and going.  I did not want to tutor out of my house but was not sure about tutoring in a client's home either.  Online tutoring came to mind, but I thought you had to be a technology whiz in order to be an online tutor.  The Online Tutor System provided me the skills and practice I needed to navigate online tutoring. Now I can tutor confidently in the quiet of my home.  After tutoring a student online, I learned that the student can learn the concepts and was just as engaged as if they were sitting next to me. -Claudia Harrington, Math Coach Tutoring

You know you could probably figure out how to tutor online, but you put it off because of technology overwhelm.

Every time you sit down to research where to begin on a tutoring platform, you start to fear those pesky tech gremlins lurking in the shadows.  You open a program and see more little buttons than you know what to do with.  So instead of jumping in and trying it, you decide to put it off for another day.

It's time to stop putting online tutoring to the side and start navigating online tutoring software now.

With the Online Tutor System, you don't have to be a genius with technology to figure it out.  By actively participating in the program, you can stomp out fears and navigate not one tutoring platform, but five.  At the end of our program, you'll have enough experience that you'll know which platform will best fit your teaching style and needs. The Online Tutor System is an online class blended with the human touch of coaching.  No tutor goes through our program alone.  All tutors are paired up for practicing various platforms and supported by experienced online tutors.

Learn online tutoring.

The Online Tutor System is currently closed. We offer this class every fall and spring. Want to be notified of when it opens again?

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