Now I feel confident that I am capable of tutoring online and being successful.

Before I joined the Online Tutor System, I was floundering around trying to figure out how to get my tutor business up and going.  I did not want to tutor out of my house but was not sure about tutoring in a client's home either.  Online tutoring came to mind, but I thought you had to be a technology whiz in order to be an online tutor.

The Online Tutor System provided me the skills and practice I needed to navigate online tutoring.

Now I can tutor confidently in the quiet of my home.  After tutoring a student online, I learned that the student can learn the concepts and was just as engaged as if they were sitting next to me.

-Claudia Harrington, Math Coach Tutoring

Just wanted to let you and Angela know that the Online Tutor System is worth every penny! Prior to this, I was trying to decide between a few online tutoring courses to purchase, and yours appeared to have the most value…I guessed correctly.

I absolutely LOVE that I can ask you and Angela for advice and feedback. It really helps me in navigating through the online tutoring space.

Thanks for creating an awesome program that's sure to help tutors all around the world.

Kendra Hadnott

Writing Tutor, Khool Tutoring

You know you could probably figure out how to tutor online, but you put it off because of technology overwhelm.

Every time you sit down to research where to begin on a tutoring platform, you start to fear those pesky tech gremlins lurking in the shadows.  You open a program and see more little buttons than you know what to do with.  So instead of jumping in and trying it, you decide to put it off for another day.

It's time to stop putting online tutoring to the side and start navigating online tutoring software now.

With the Online Tutor System, you don't have to be a genius with technology to figure it out.  By actively participating in the program, you can stomp out fears and navigate not one tutoring platform, but five.  At the end of our program, you'll have enough experience that you'll know which platform will best fit your teaching style and needs.

The Online Tutor System is a unique group tutoring experience where  you'll have the opportunity to practice with a partner and receive support from Angela and Adrianne right inside of your homework assignments using Google Drive.

Partner Practice

You know that your students retain more knowledge by doing.  It's time to take a little advice from yourself and jump into consistent practice with a partner.  Those who practice with their partner during our program are more successful.  You'll be connected with a group with over 60 tutors in it, all working towards the same goal as you.

Keep it Real Coaches

Running a tutor business can be hard!  Let's face it, between figuring out new technology and keeping your cool with the administrative side of tutoring, it can be easy to give up.  Adrianne and Angela have been there.  You'll have access to both of us inside of your homework assignments.  Feeling stuck?  No problem, you'll tag us and get a personal response.

Lifetime Community

You'll become a member of a tight knit group of tutors all working hard just like you.  As long as the Online Tutor System is around, you'll be part of our family.  In addition to that, you'll get all future updates of class materials.  We know how valuable having the most up to date information is.

My name is Adrianne Meldrum and I created the Online Tutor System in partnership with Angela Culley of Math Ninja.   We give tutors the tools and support they need to make online tutoring an enjoyable experience for all involved.  Together we have the teaching and business experience needed to guide tutors through the transition of in-person tutoring to the online world.

The Online Tutor System isn’t about just “showing” you how online tutoring works through video tutorials, but rather doing actual online tutoring.  

It’s about creating an online learning environment where your students can get maximum results which will lead to more respect, referrals, and ultimately more money in your pocket.  We’ll make a business plan that works for you and gives you the road map to finding more freedom in your business.

Adrianne Meldrum

Angela Culley

In our 12-week program, the Online Tutor System will enable you to:

  • Prepare your student for an online learning environment
  • Replicate what works in a person to person setting online
  • Build client relationships online
  • Create an on boarding process to put clients mind at ease
  • Build rapport with both students and parents
  • Navigate 5 different online tutoring platforms with confidence
  • Create lessons plans that yield results
  • Find students for your online business through a variety of tactics
  • Write a business plan with profit in mind

When you carefully guide a student into an online learning environment and provide adequate support throughout the process, then you will be able to create the effective learning experience the student is seeking. This is exactly what we’ll teach you.

What do our members of the

Online Tutor System have to say?

Melissa Daniels of Score Smart Tutoring joined the Online Tutor System in 2015.  Her goal was to learn how to take her tutoring skills online so she could serve clients in the Middle East.  She came into the program with a can-do attitude and dug into the work.  Hear more about what she has to say.

In as little as 3 hours a week, you'll get the practice and support you need to navigate tutoring online. Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll get opportunities to practice,  master new programs, and set up your online tutor business for maximum success.

As a member of the Online Tutor System, you'll get lifetime access to all updates and the community. A huge value that many of our current members enjoy.

What will you learn? Check it out below.

Module 0: Welcome

In this module, we’ll get you set up with a partner and introduce you to the community. You’ll also complete a business review to help you find your sweet spot for pricing your services and paying for expenses.

Module 1: The Basics

Partner practice begins with learning how to use the most basic online tutoring platforms. You’ll create your very first online tutoring invitation, which you'll tweak each time you work online. Time to work.

Module 2: Technical Difficulties

In this lesson, we’ll discuss how to minimize tech issues and learn how to remain calm when they arise. We'll continue our practice with simple online tutoring platforms.

Module 3: Your Style and Digital Tools

Learn how to recreate your unique teaching style with various digital tools online. We’ll also cover how to assess students in real-time and make adjustments. It's time to have lots of fun!

Module 4: Website Basics

Every online tutor needs a website. We’ll explore 4 different website builders and walk you through what makes a site user friendly. Module 5 also taps into collecting payment from clients.

Module 5: Video Marketing

Video is a key component to educating potential clients about the online tutoring experience. Learn how to create a professional video with our step-by step tutorial. Be sure to watch Melissa's.

Module 6: On Boarding and Policies

Learn how to create a system that makes a client feel safe and clearly establishes boundaries you can enforce. We'll teach you how to automate some of your work load so you have more time to do what you love, teach!

Module 7: Find Your First Student

There are lots of ways to find students online. We’ll give you a bunch of proven and effective ways to find those first students online. This will be a module you'll refer to often.

Module 8: Marketing Plan

Tutors that plan for their marketing efforts have bustling businesses. We’ll teach you how to build your marketing efforts right into your calendar so that you can easily repeat what works.

Module 9: Group Tutoring

Group tutoring can be a great way to leverage your time. You'll be working in larger groups this week. We give lots of tips for controlling the room and keeping the conversation going.

Bonus Videos

You’ll also get access to bonus videos featuring other online tutors. Their interviews have been enormously valuable to our members. You’ll learn about pricing automation, video hybrid tutoring, and so much more.


You’ll also join a tight knit group of online tutors in our community. This will be a place where you can reach out for help, look for resources, share a student lead, get more practice, and make new friends!

How will I know if the Online Tutor System is for Me?


You're a great fit for our program if:

  • You like computers
  • You are a self-motivated learner
  • You enjoy working with others
  • You are willing to commit to partner practice
  • You're open to trying new platforms
  • You have 3 hours a week to give to participating in the program

The tutors that had the most success in our Online Tutor System were anxiously engaged, participated in our community, and reached out for help.  They spent time working with their partners and completed homework.  Does this describe you?  Join us!


You should pass on our program if:

  • You are looking for YouTube style tutorials that show you what every button does on every platform
  • You are not willing to practice with a partner
  • You have an outdated computer that thrives on dial-up
  • You get anxiety thinking about being on camera
  • You are looking for a quick fix to get your business to perform better
  • You are too busy to participate

We believe that you will learn best by jumping right in and practicing.  We are here to help you!  With that being said, this program is not the right fit for everyone.

Behind the Scenes of the Online Tutor System

Learn online tutoring.

Enroll in class and start today!

This class is a great fit for tutors that are self-starters and anxiously engaged learners.  If you are wanting a quick fix or cheap solution, this class is not for you.

Online Tutor System is like getting specialized tutoring for less than $35 per hour!  It's an investment in yourself that will last for a long time as you'll always have access to our member community plus Angela and Adrianne.

Get Access Now for $397


What if I am a brand new tutor?

This class would be challenging for you, but if you are willing to put in the extra time to practice, the Online Tutor System may be a good fit for you.  Most tutors practice with their partner once a week for an hour, if you can find another tutor or friend to practice with you'll get more out of the module work.

How much time out of my busy schedule will this take?

It depends on you.  Most tutors can complete the work load and partner practice in less than 3 hours a week.  This all depends on your willingness to set aside time to practice and commit to a set time to work through the materials.

Some modules are on going in nature such as creating a website.  This takes more than 3 hours and will be something you are consistently tweaking for better results.

What tools or software will I need?
  • A computer
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Ear buds
  • Microphone
  • Webcam

Don't worry, we'll give you a list of recommended gear.  All of our tutoring platforms we will use are free or free with a trial version.  You won't have to spend any money to try these different platforms.

Do you offer refunds?

No.  If you have any hesitation, this will not be the right class for you.  Once you purchase, you have access to all of the materials.

You said to anticipate about 3 hours of work. I am working other jobs, will I be able to participate?

I think you'll find the the Online Tutor System will fit in and around your schedule. Each Monday, you'll receive an email with our video lesson. These lessons will never be more than 20 minutes long and an audio version of the lesson will be included so you can listen without being tied to the computer.

We also will have weekly coaching calls at a scheduled time to be determined, but we will record these calls and share them via our community.

Partners will be based on your availability. Each member will go to a page where you enter the times your available to practice online tutoring. You'll find a partner with a similar time to you. We plan to help everyone get set up with a partner.

Lastly, you'll receive your homework via Google Drive which means you can complete it from any computer or device!

Providing the content this way, you'll be able to watch lessons, get help, and do the homework when it is convenient for you. The three hours we have allotted is an estimate and may depend on your ability to complete the tasks.

What if I want to use this training to teach other tutors within my business?

Great question. This class is geared to help individual tutors.  Some business owners have their employees take the class instead of them.  We've seen mix results on this, but only you know if your employee would complete the training.

I don't live in the United States. Will this program be beneficial to me?

Your biggest obstacle would be that the partner you find is located in the United States, but practicing with a friend or family member is totally acceptable.

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