Aardvark Tutor Package by Sara Dorken

Have you been thinking about tutoring dyslexia?  The options for training are plentiful and the materials you receive vary widely from company to company.  Training also can take a significant chunk of time, but what do you do if you want to help your tutoring students now, but don't have the training?  Check out the Aardvark Tutor Package.

Sara Dorken has been tutoring dyslexia for years now and has decided to train tutors in the program she created after receiving her training from Dyslexia Training Institute.

Inside, you'll find all the materials you need, videos to train you in these methods, monthly live webinars, and a course completion certificate PLUS support from other Aardvark Certified Tutors.

Another cool thing?  Sara and I have teamed up to offer a bundle together.  If you buy Sara's complete system, you'll get the Profitable Tutor Framework for FREE!  

Just tell Sara that you found out about the class from me and she'll help you get set up here on the Tutor Coach.

Check out the samples and learn more by clicking on the button below.

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