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Module 3 – The In-Take Process

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Gathering Info and Policies

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Collecting Payments

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Do I have to own a copy of Adobe DC software?

The policies will allow you to add your logo and add your business information using Adobe Reader (free) if your logo image if in PDF format.

If you want the ability to change the wording of the policies, you'll need to sign up for a free trial of Adobe DC or get your hands on an older version of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.

Adobe DC allows you to store documents, change PDF to Word, gather e-Signatures, and create PDF documents from several individual items.

They allow a free two week trial.  This should be sufficient to go in and make the edits, then cancel the trial if you desire.

BUT having Adobe DC allows you to store these policies and open them anywhere.  Get them signed anywhere.  You'll always have the most up-to date software as well.

How do I change my logo to a PDF version?

You can use an online converter to change it over.  Select the following in your options:

Margin >>  None

Page Size >>  Fit image

Image Size >>  Keep original size

Visit Image to PDF converter here.

Can I just make these in Word?

Sure!  You can use Adobe DC to change these policies over to Word format and alter from there.

Some of the formatting will change.  Use the marketing flyers and export to Word if you want the image and header to keep exactly the same.

What are the sizes for logos?

Square:  300 x 300 or 4 in. x 4 in.