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Are you a current classroom teacher looking to either start tutoring or possibly transition out of the classroom?  Maybe you are a teacher that is teaching in the classroom and tutoring, but struggling to juggle both.  If this describes you, I've got solutions to make your life simpler.


Are you currently tutoring but not making as much as you've been hoping?  Maybe you are almost full to capacity and want some help expanding.  Or perhaps, you are a professional looking to start tutoring but are overwhelmed by how to start.  If this describes you, I can help you no matter if you are at the beginning or somewhere in the middle of this tutor journey.

Tutor Director

Do you own a tutoring business with independent tutor contractors working for you?   Are you struggling to keep up with all the demands that come with being the boss such as handling scheduling, getting payroll done, and training your tutors?  If this describes you, I've got some great tips for you as well.

Dear Tutor-

You've been searching for ways to take your tutoring from just earning you coffee money to a little more.  You have goals and want to reach them faster.  You've done lots of research, but you struggle to make the progress.

“What steps do I take?  Which direction should I go?”

Adrianne Meldrum Tutor CoachThis is a question I receive weekly and ponder myself as I grow my own tutoring clientele.

My name is Adrianne Meldrum and I am the owner of the Tutor Coach + a private math tutor.  I strive to bring together the tutor community and share best practices through training, blog posts, and more.  I am here to help you find those next steps.

I can help you no matter what your circumstances are.  I've worked with those just getting started, teachers working in the classroom and tutoring, professionals who tutor in the evenings after a day at the office, and tutor directors looking to expand.

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