That's the dream, right?

Forget penthouses, mansions, and the like.  Sure these luxuries would be nice, but for the most part we tutors have much simpler dreams.

We want to make money doing what we do best, teaching — but on our terms.  Tutoring has been great at giving you some flexibility, but it isn't the perfect job…yet.  What tutors want is simple.  We want to teach our students, spend more time with our families and friends, and not have to worry about getting our bills paid.  In fact, I would venture to say that it's not even that we want to live in paradise full time, but rather have the funds and time to just go visit it once in awhile.

It's a modest dream I am sure you can relate to.  But yet you always seem to have this gnawing sensation that leads you to wonder…

Will this modest dream ever really happen?

Do you really have what it takes to be a professional tutor or do you feel inadequate any time you dwell on the thought?  Is it realistic to dream of making enough income to take a vacation or to finally get some of that debt paid off?  Will you really stick with this or will it become another dream job tossed into the garbage?

Let me share a little story of a tutor who made the shift.

Lauren Gaggioli of Higher Scores Test Prep

LaurenGLauren moved to Los Angeles with hopes of making it in the film industry.  She soon discovered that auditions were random at best and that she needed a flexible job.  Everyone was going after waitress jobs and it was even tougher to land work in a restaurant.  Lauren spent time thinking on her strengths and decided to use her academic talents to help her pay the bills.  She landed a job working for a tutor franchise and loved the kids plus the flexibility was great.  Over time, it became apparent that she needed to go out on her own.  She decided to take tutoring on as a business herself.

What she didn't anticipate was all the time she would spend sitting in Los Angeles traffic getting to her clients.  While in the car, she spent a lot of time listening to podcasts when she heard the radical idea of taking what you do in-person, online. She was hooked on the idea and has worked tirelessly to find a way to make it work.

Lauren took a leap of faith and created an online tutoring business that has a special hybrid approach of video tutorials and online tutoring.  This maximizes her time and allows her to live the modest dream we talked about above.  She has more time to be with her family and friends, can afford to pay herself and a team, plus she even has time to take those awesome trips to paradise.

Wouldn't it be awesome to be like Lauren?

If you take a moment to go visit Lauren's website Higher Scores Test Prep, you may instantly be thinking, “Yeah, but Lauren must be a technology whiz.  Her site is amazing.  I can't do that.”  Lauren didn't know what she was doing when she first started.  She began her site just a few years ago and learned the technology as she went.  If she didn't know how to accomplish something, she hired it out.  She also strategically invested in herself by taking online courses to learn more about taking her in-person service online.  Making decisions like this cut down on the painful learning curve of online business.

You don't need to be a technology whiz to tutor online.  

We've got your back!  We can show you how all the technology works.  You have the option to work on your tech skills right here via the Online Tutor System. Angela Culley of Math Ninja, LLC and I have teamed up to bring more tutors online. We've been working with tutors, just like you, that are looking for the accountability, practice, and the coaching needed to navigate the world of online tutoring.  In this unique 11 week program, our members have learned how to use not only one tutoring platform like Scribblar, but rather 5 of them!  In addition to that, our tutors crafted their very first website and created videos featuring their ability to relate with clients on camera.

You’ve seen the success stories, you’ve seen other tutors take their businesses online, you’ve even spent time dreaming about taking your tutoring to the next level but didn’t know where to go or how to get there. And before you give yourself a chance, you decide “I can't do this!”

It's time to stop second guessing your abilities and start taking action towards living your modest dream.

You want to tutor during hours that work best for you?

You can.

You want to expand into tutoring markets that have more money to spread around?

You can.

You want even more flexibility with your tutor schedule?

You can.

You want more time with your family and friends?

You can.

You want to take an occasional trip to paradise?

You can.

If you're ready to make the shift in your tutoring business so you can have your modest dream, it's time to join us in our Online Tutor System.  This program is only offered in the spring and fall. We are looking for highly motivated tutors.  Does this describe you?

  • You like computers
  • You are a self-motivated learner
  • You enjoy working with others
  • You are willing to commit to partner practice
  • You’re open to trying new ideas
  • You have 3 hours a week to give to participating in the program
  • You want to be a little bit like Lauren when you grow up (LOL)

The tutors that had the most success this last fall in our Online Tutor System were anxiously engaged, participated in our community, and reached out for help.  They spent time working with their partners and completed homework.  Does this describe you?  Join us!  We have a limited amount of seats.

Class starts on February 29, 2016.  The last day to reserve your seat is on February 21, 2016.  Head over to the Online Tutor System page to explore how this unique group coaching program will change your life as you know it.

PS.  Oh and if you are really intrigued by Lauren, she is a member of our Online Tutor System community and is a featured bonus video where she goes into depth about her business.  She explains the tech she uses and how she structures her tutoring.  It is quite inspiring!

Image attribution: S. Freni

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