Ever Wondered What Tutoring Looks Like for Others?

Most of us know what classrooms look like. We've worked in them ourselves, we've seen them on TV.  But what do our working spaces look like when we decide to work as a tutor?  If you've ever wanted to sneak a peek into someone else's home, or if you've ever wondered what tutoring looks like for others, then today you're in for a treat!

A bunch of tutors were so kind to share images of their tutor space.  I love that there are no real rules.  You do what works for you!


My First Office Space

This is my first office space that I enjoyed for a bit!  We moved a year and a half ago.  I miss that office very, very much.  However–my new one will some day be just as wonderful!  The large desk space you see in the picture was perfect for shoulder to shoulder work.  All of my materials were right within reach.


My Current Office

This is my current office and where a lot of The Tutor House magic happens.  I love that this office is quieter than my last one.  I also have a glass door so that I can shut, but my kids can still see me and know that I am with a student at that very moment.  See that pin board?  That is where I keep the super kind notes you send me via email.  I read them often because A) They put wind in my sails  and B) Quite simply–you are awesome!  Thank you for cheering me on.


This is my new white board!  I bought it at Lowe's for $13.00.  It's basically a shower board (laminated press board).  I installed it using mirror anchors.  It's not magnetic, but does the job!  I use little clips at the top to hold student homework.  My students love having a break from sitting and I've found girl students quickly turn into the teacher.  We've had a lot of fun!

Enough of my space, let's look at these other tutors dedicated tutor spaces.  I think you'll enjoy it.  Some are at a kitchen table, others are fold up tables, and some are office space much like mine.  Enjoy!

Dedicated Tutor Space


This is Teresa Zuppardo's office space, a tutor living in Italy!  She mentioned to me that this was her grandfather's studio space.  I love the strong tradition of teaching in her family!


Elizabeth Yilk tutors at her kitchen table complete with her youngest's high chair and a fruit basket!  🙂   She uses the desk in the back right and the bench in the front left for tutoring supplies.


Marna of Kirkland Mastery Math uses a combination of rooms in her home to teach homeschool co-ops and a room set up for private tutor lessons.  I thought the folding tables was a brilliant way to teach students in a group setting (one I am thinking about trying out).  She mentioned that she loves her Lakeshore Learning Easel you see in the picture on the right.


Laurie is a dyslexia tutor in Oregon.  She lovingly remarked that the picture contains her “therapy dogs”.  LOL!  I loved that because my own dog serves as a therapy dog at times.  She said her students love to read to these cuties you see in the picture.  I think Laurie's office looks so snug and welcoming!  A place I definitely would want to be.


Margaret has a full service learning center.  The photo on the left is a flex room that serves many purposes.  The top right photo is their reception area and when super busy, another learning space.  The lower right photo is one of their “class” rooms.  I noticed that they keep distractions to a minimum with the walls, something I commended Margaret for because many students struggle with attention.  Busy walls can make it hard to pay attention!

In the Library


Michele Williams tutors at her local library because of her rural location.  She finds herself often meeting here or in a central location which causes her to drive sometimes 20 minutes to meet with a student.  Michele told me that this library was once a boarding school for boys!


Sarah Rimkunas of Magic Moment Tutoring spends her time tutoring in the library as well.  This is one of the private rooms she uses to teach her students.  Libraries can be a wonderful place to tutor, however make sure that you have proper permission of the library to tutor for profit.



Catie Kidd of Australia tutors on-the-go in her students home or any location that works for her.  She shared a picture of her working outside (studying herself too).


Angela Culley the owner of Math Ninja, an online tutoring service shared a picture of her space.  She tutors from her home with her laptop.  I love how she uses the space on the back of her laptop to promote her business when she is out and about.  Smart move!



Many tutors are like Teresa!  She tutors in her students homes.  She converted her entire trunk into her tutor library.  So creative!  Her image above actually came from a series we did on organization.  She had shared her pictures with me long ago, but I felt like she fit in well with this post as well.  Read more about organization here.

Thanks to all the tutors who shared their spaces with us!  I feel honored to be surrounded by so many talented tutors.

What about you?  Where do you tutor?  Share in the comments below.


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