The end of the school year is a bittersweet one for me.  I love seeing my students grow and succeed over the year, but I also am excited to see that many of them won't need me next year!  They have gained confidence in their ability to learn and I can see a lot of future success for them.

One of my favorite novelty toys is Boinks!  I was introduced to them when I was actually in middle school.  They were trying to hype up an inventors contest and pulled out Boinks to show us.  Colleen and Kevin Murphy invented Boinks.  Such creativity and so simple.  When you look at them at first, most people think they are Chinese finger traps, but they actually have a spring like action to them.  Check out this video to see how you can use them!

They are a very affordable student gift too!  You can buy them directly from Boinks.  Get several people together and do an order.  I made these awesome gift tags that you can use with them too.  All you need to do is print them on card stock and cut out.  Fold the lower lightly over so you can cut the slits on the the dotted lines.  Press a Boink flat and slide through the slit.  When you get it all the way through, twist the Boink to make the openings more round.  You should be able to put together a gift for less than $1.00 per student with this idea.You can download it for free!  Get it right now here on the blog.  Add it to your cart below.

Need other ideas for gifts too?  Read this other post that has fun tags with candy and soda themes to them.

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