Sushi Monster, a free math app from Scholastic, is a great way to review addition and multiplication with your students! I always love to whip this out during a tutoring session to break things up, and to make review a little more exciting.

 Sushi Monster - Free Math App

Many Addition & Multiplication Practice Levels

This app provides 7 addition levels, and 5 multiplication levels of practice. There are 4 rounds in each level, and 14 target numbers per round. It's very easy to get started with this game, and there are no ads!

Sushi Monster - Free Math App

How to Play

To play, you have to swipe and place the correct sushi plates by the monster to get the target number. It's a very simple and easy interface.

Sushi Monster - Free Math App

Incorporating Sushi Monster into a Tutoring Session

I would say this app is appropriate to use as review for upper elementary grades to middle school. Students should already have a basic foundation before playing this app. Some levels can be challenging since the target numbers can get pretty large. I would suggest playing around with it first before trying it with a student to see what level would work.Sushi Monster - Free Math App

Click here to download from iTunes.

Hope you have fun with Sushi Monster! Want more free math apps? Click here to find some organized by grade level!

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