Teacher Quiz

Dear Teacher,

Have you been tutoring on the side for awhile now or are thinking about starting?  As a teacher, you have a lot of unique challenges to juggle two very busy jobs.  After a long day of teaching, sometimes tutoring can leave you feeling Adrianne Meldrum Tutor Coachcompletely drained without much time to recharge for the next day.  Something has to change, but you enjoy it so much you don’t want to stop tutoring.

How can you maximize your tutoring to help you bring your goals to a reality without losing your mind?  

Hi, my name is Adrianne and I am a private tutor. I’m a trained elementary education teacher and used to teach in an autism preschool.  I’ve been tutoring since 2006.  During that time I’ve learned some tough lessons about what to never do, what to always do, and most important what to do in the first year of tutoring vs. what to wait to do until the fifth year of tutoring.

Teachers have so much on their plate and I want to help them achieve their goals through tutoring whatever they may be.

Take this short quiz to learn how you can use tutoring as a tool to take tutoring from coffee money to vacation money and more!

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