One thing you will always see in my office and during tutoring is a deck of cards.  After a long day at school, a deck of cards is a welcome change for my students.

This week I wanted to dedicate all of my posts just to card games and all the ways I use them with my students.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have card games you like to play with your students too.

Awhile back, I collaborated on a project with Heidi of Raki's Rad Resources.  We worked to together to make Playing Card Math Mats which is available for free in my TpT store.  They are simple to use, just print them out and place in a math center or use in tutoring with a deck of cards.  I also like to add a spinner that we draw with a dry erase marker.  It adds another level of difficulty to the game if you are trying to win.


Using a Playing Card Math Mat

When adding a spinner, pair up students to play against each other.  Start by spinning to see if you are playing for the highest number or the lowest number.

Then players draw their cards and place them where they want on the mat.  Next they do the math and compare their answer to their opponents.  The person with the number that matches up with the spinner wins.

I like this twist on the math mats because if you are a competitive person, it adds another layer of difficulty to the game.  You have to access some estimation skills to see where you should place the cards to make it most likely for you to win.  Lots of fun!

I don't have a printable with a spinner on it because they are so simple to draw.  Either my student or I draw a circle with a line dividing it into two equal parts.  Then in one half I write HIGH and the other LOW.  Finally, use a pencil and paper clip to make a spinner.

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