One of my favorite creations is my Playing Card Math Mats shown in the picture above.  Isn't it funny how she chose to shade in the fraction?  She was a wiz at partitioning fractions after going through the deck of cards.

Perfect for Tutors or the Classroom!

These playing card math mats are perfect for tutors or for centers in the classroom.  They involve minimal set up and the directions are easy to read.  For centers, all you would need to do is model quickly what would be done in that center and then let the kids have at it.

I've also discovered that these math mats make a great early finisher activity.  You could store them in one location and let the kids browse through the different mats and choose some.  The mats are categorized into several different grade levels allowing you to differentiate for students as well.

Let me show you the anatomy of a Playing Card Math Mat…

Each mat has been meticulously aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics.  There are detailed instructions, a title of the skill being worked on, and plenty of space to write in.

I like to print my math mats out and then slide them into page protectors.  This allows me to use dry erase markers so that they can be used over and over again.  They also store nicely in a binder with page protectors.

Math Mats Save Time

My time is so valuable and I am sure you can relate.  These math mats have saved me a ton of time in planning.  I can go over my lesson plans from the previous week and pull exactly what I need or in the moment when I see a hole in their math knowledge, I can pull out one of these mats and work on it right then.  You should check them out, as always…I like to give people a full preview.  You can check it out here for 3-5 Playing Card Math Mats and 6-8 Playing Card Math Mats.

I think they are so awesome!  I wanted to do a giveaway for some of my math mats.  There are two giveaways you can enter:  3-5 Playing Card Math Mats and 6-8 Playing Card Math Mats.  Enter both, that is totally okay with me!

Enter to win starting today, March 8th through March 11th 11:59 PM Central Time.  Winners will be notified via email.  If I don't hear from the winners within 48 hours, other winners will be chosen.  I will be verifying Pinterest entries, so if you are chosen and I find that you didn't pin anything of mine, I will move onto another winner.

Thanks for entering!  If you don't want to wait to win these awesome math mats, you can pick up a set in my store.

3-5 Playing Card Math Mats Giveaway.  Two winners will be chosen!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

6-8 Playing Card Math Mats Giveaway. Two winners will be chosen!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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