Profitable Tutor Framework LIVE

I am so excited to have you join us!

All right, looks like you are all set to join us for the live class starting on September 12th.  You may be wondering what materials you need to be successful in this live class.  You'll need a Facebook account to watch all of our live calls inside of the Just for Tutors group.  Each Thursday, I'll go live at 9 AM MST (That's 11 AM EST, 8 AM PST) and talk about the topic of the week.  During that time, I'll take your questions.  You leave questions down below the video.

The other item that you'll need is access to the Profitable Tutor Framework.  You can still participate in the class even if you have only purchased the Novice Tutor eBook, but there may be times when you will feel out of the loop.  You can purchase access here.

What to expect:

  • Weekly Email – each Monday, I'll send an email out with a link to the lesson
  • Each Thursday – Live Facebook video call with folks to talk questions with you.  If you can't make it live, you can always catch the replay

Please make sure to post all questions in our Facebook group.  Others will be wondering the same things and it helps to post in the group.  Thanks- see you soon!


Days until Profitable Tutor Framework LIVE